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Jaspreet Kaur

Incident Response Analyst

Jaspreet's Story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

(At SAP) Everyone has their own culture and ways of doing things and it’s interesting the way we team up, learn to resolve challenges and work together towards making a secure SAP for us as well as our customers.

Jaspreet Kaur

I moved to Germany from India almost 8 years ago for my Masters’ program. I started with SAP in November 2020 as an Incident Response Analyst in cybersecurity. I already knew about SAP as back in India I had a flatmate that worked for the company.

Why cybersecurity?

I found SAP attractive due to its diversity. There’s a place for everyone irrespective of age, color origin, and language. Also, on my team, there’s a lot of encouragement to step forward and showcase my skills. I joined a freshly built global team which gives me an exposure to working with people from different nationalities. Everyone has their own culture and ways of doing things and it’s interesting the way we team up, learn to resolve challenges and work together towards making a secure SAP for us as well as our customers.

When I tell my friends that I work in cybersecurity, they often assume I am a hacker as many people associate security with hacking.

My role

My role is about undertaking security related operational tasks that are important to decrease the effect of threat vectors in the organization. This role challenges me because it’s not fully predictable as to what types of security incidents would come in a day and how are we going to resolve them. It’s mostly about being in the moment, finding the right solution, and taking action. Sometimes, an incident takes a few minutes to resolve and the other times it might take few days. Moreover, security as a topic is evolving very fast in today’s world. So, it’s important to keep up to date by reading various articles, blogs, news about security around the world and continue learning by undergoing various trainings. That’s how I stay current.

How I met Kelly

It was during an incident response project that I met Kelly, who is based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Being brand new to SAP, I had not had an opportunity to build my internal network yet, but Kelly was a great partner as she helped me navigate this.

Why cybersecurity is important

With the growing number of cybercrimes, security is a very critical topic for every organization in today’s world. The working culture in my team is about learning and moving together. One of the most important factors is to learn to trust other team members. To make sure that everyone is moving along in the team, we participate in regular meetings and share our action plans and takeaways from working on different incidents. This is evident not only in my immediate team interactions, but also when working with teams in Asia and the US. We operate a “follow-the-sun” model and need to stay in constant communication across borders to ensure this runs efficiently.

What success means to me

To me, success means moving forward and reaching the next milestone without being “stuck” at one position for a long time. I enjoy learning different things, taking up new challenges and making myself better. Also, being able to give back to the society is also an important factor of success to me.

I have worked in different organizations before; the culture of my work at SAP is very diverse and working here is helping me create a global impact.

As a child I dreamt of being a doctor, but as a teenager my interest developed more towards computers. But, if I had to change careers tomorrow, I would be a teacher. I feel the biggest gift that one can give to someone else is knowledge. Based on the acquired knowledge, people generate skills and based on the skills, people rise or fall in life. I am lucky that I can incorporate some of this into my free time as I give online yoga lessons. This is a great way to relax outside of work and help other people during lockdowns.

About me

In my free time, I enjoy taking long walks, going for hikes or cycling. I also enjoy practicing plant-based cooking, and I love experimenting with different ingredients and creating new recipes.

Kelly and Jaspreet first met when working together on a high-profile project in 2020. Both were new to SAP, with Jaspreet only recently finishing her onboarding. With Kelly leading from the US, and Jaspreet working in Germany, the two soon built a relationship of trust to execute tasks quickly across time-zones.

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