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SAP Next Talent

Explore. Develop. Impact.

Launch and accelerate your career with SAP by diving into our 18-month, full-time rotational program: SAP Next Talent. This explorative and career accelerator for recent graduates has opportunities in software development, design, and data science.  


Talents in each program and 50% are female

Join a talented community of tech innovators and experience impactful, project-based work, tailored training, and networking opportunities with leaders across our global ecosystem. Do all this while you discover your passions through SAP’s array of teams, industries, and technologies across our five offices on the West Coast: Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Ramon, Newport Beach and Bellevue.

Anamarie Franc
Managing Director of SAP Labs US and Executive Sponsor of SAP Next Talent

SAP Next Talent enables you to start your career at SAP by becoming creators, influencers, and builders of the code, designing and researching the products that will enable SAP’s more than 400,000 customers to become intelligent, sustainable enterprises. You will have a unique experience rotating onto multiple teams and working on innovative technology that shifts the needle for our customers globally. SAP Next Talent employees have gone on to have successful careers at SAP working on some of the most complex business challenges driving impact for our cloud native products and global customers. We value what you bring to the table and can’t wait to see you thrive here.

The three essential pillars of the program


  • Explore SAP rotating in: Commerce, Travel, Internet of Things (IoT), ECommerce, Supply Chain, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Innovation, Startup Incubation, Human Capital Management Software – the options are endless
  • Join impactful teams and strategic projects
  • Get to know SAP products, technologies, and platforms
  • Gain invaluable experience to accelerate your career


  • Establish a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding, and experience through tailored learning and development, including 7-day onboarding on SAP technologies and products,  and professional and technical skills.
  • Experience ongoing learning spirits within between rotation trainings, designed to enhance skills needed at the moment in your career.
  • Profit from monthly meet-ups that are curated specifically for the program, such as Tech-Talks, Fireside Chats with executives, and knowledge-sharing lunches run by you!


  • Collaborate with peers and senior managers on strategic projects and challenges
  • Co-innovate based on best practices and technical skills acquired throughout rotations, and become the best versatile talent set to drive SAP's strategy of an intelligent, integrated enterprise
  • Immerse in an agile, global network of peer SAP Next Talent participants and over 100 alumnis, and leadership advocates.

What does it take to be successful in SAP Next Talent?

What participants say about their experience

Software Developer

SAP Next Talent empowered me to succeed in many facets of my personal and professional life. It allowed me to create my own path that helped me achieve my unique goals, while providing support along the way to become the best developer I can be.

SAP Next Talent 2021

Data Scientist

The SAP Next Talent Program was a perfect fit for me as a data scientist early in my career. My network expanded through a diverse cohort of other early talents, guided mentorship, and introductions to SAP leaders. The rotations enabled me to broaden my data science and business knowledge and to find a team that aligned with my career aspirations. Corporate social responsibility is important to me, so I am proud to be a part of a tech company that prides itself on diversity, inclusion, environmental, and ethical standards.

SAP Next Talent 2020


When I first joined SAP Next Talent, I didn't know which field of computer science was right for me. Not only did this program pave the way for my journey of self-discovery - it also grew my network, strengthened my confidence, and developed my sense of belonging at SAP. I rotated onto teams working with Artificial Intelligence and DevOps, and now I’m beginning my career as a fullstack developer. I’m thrilled to see what my future holds next in store!

 SAP Next Talent 2020
SAP Ariba

Celestine Co

The mentorship was (and continues to be!) incredible. Throughout my SNT journey — from the 2-week onboarding process, to rotating onto 2 different teams, and finally graduating into a full-time team — I was immersed in SAP’s people-first culture. The projects I took on were catered to what I was interested in learning and exploring — from things like Web Accessibility and Automated Testing, to AWS and Kubernetes (to name just a few!). There are so many learning and mentorship opportunities to leverage in this program — I truly felt empowered to take risks and keep exploring new realms of software development, which led me to be a valuable developer to my now-team.

SAP Next Talent 2021
SAP Concur

Data Scientist

Having left university with a plethora of theory, the  SAP Next Talent program allowed me to dive into different styles of roles within Data Science, allowing me to figure exactly what I wanted in my career. I worked as an individual through its rotational structure, providing me with the business acumen and insight through meetings and chats with key players in SAP vision to understand how to truly work in a large corporation and leave long-lasting impact that will span far past my own immediate contribution. The SAP Next Talent  program helped turn the mindset of “getting a job” into “building a career.

SAP Next Talent 2019 BrilliantHire

Jessica Prasetyo
User Experience Designer

Being a new grad from college, the SAP Next Talent program really advocated for my success and development as a UX Designer from Day One. I was able to learn from many different types of mentorship and how to build up the skillset needed as a designer while also being able to explore new areas of technology.

SAP Next Talent 2021
SAP Customer Experience

Frequently asked questions

  • SAP Next Talent participants are graduates from community colleges, bootcamps, universities and graduate schools with experience and interest in software development and engineering, UX/UI design, and/or data science. Participants must graduate within the year listed on the job description.
  • You should apply if you meet the graduation date eligibility outlined in the job description and looking to start your career.
  • Participants come from diverse backgrounds as innovative thinkers and doers, sharing a passion for helping the world run better and improving people’s lives. 

  • SAP Next Talent has three cohorts in fall, winter, and summer.
  • Specific start dates are defined in the job description.
  • Participants must start on the outlined start date with no exceptions.

  • SAP Next Talent is an 18-months program. Participants undergo rotations that are each six months in length.
  • Participants will be considered for roles throughout the duration of the program, and up to the end of the program. Participants may obtain a full-time engagement in a team before the end of the 18 months.

  • In the first week, participants have informational interviews with possible teams.
  • The teams and participants provide feedback on their preferences.
  • Based on mutual feedback, all participants are matched to a team by the end of their first week.
  • Subsequent rotations also follow this process of interview, feedback, and matching.

  • Participants are matched with teams across SAP, including teams focused on cloud delivery, customer experience, travel, retail, IoT, AI, and more. Each team has a different focus and strategy. That is why we have this program – to help you find your perfect match!
  • As a participant, you could rotate into our start-up incubator and help build a product from the ground up, or with our fully developed retail and e-commerce solution working to enhance features, or even bring machine learning into the fold.  You can even work in our innovation teams deciding how and where SAP will grow and what technologies to include in the growth.
  • Each team’s culture is different, but overall SAP is an award-winning place to work with a sense of comradery. SAP supports each employee with  transportation, learning and development opportunities, and some best-in-class employee benefits in our industry. We recognize that different people have different needs, and our benefits extend beyond healthcare coverage and retirement plans, with a variety of options to help you juggle the demands of your career and life.  

  • Beyond rotations, SAP Next Talent provides formal training where participants learn about SAP’s history, business goals, and meet with their future managers.
  • Throughout  the program, there are Fireside Chats with influential members of SAP who give insight into their experience and line of business at SAP. We also provide Tech Talks on specific strategic topics, and learning sprints (such as "Investing 101", "Benefits", and "Imposter Syndrome").
  • There are strategic projects completed in groups which tackle design and business challenges to prepare participants with the SAP knowledge and skills to become SAP business-ready. Participants receive monthly performance reviews to encourage continuous learning and growth, while also supported by a three-layer mentorship model composed of: SAP Next Talent program leads, rotation mentor and/or buddy, and SAP Next Talent program mentor.

  • As a participant, you will have monthly meetings with the lead for SAP Next Talent. The lead is your coach and manager throughout the program, and helps you develop soft and technical skills.
  • In addition, meetings with your rotation mentor and buddy establish a project timeline, and provide guidance on completing projects as well as allowing for day-to-day feedback. An assigned alum mentor helps you better understand SAP and SAP Next Talent, and shine in your rotations.

SAP Next Talent does not support U.S. work authorization sponsorship at this time.  

SAP Next Talent will consider providing relocation funding on a case-by-case basis.

  • In general, participants will work on diverse teams, in which they will experience a balance of independent work, team collaboration, and strategic projects.
  • Participants are full members of their rotation teams and are expected to learn the product, build up expertise, and own a project. They also attend team meetings and offsite meetings if applicable.

  • You can only apply to one of the three disciplines.
  • We hire for specific cohorts based on graduation date and timelines.

  • Internships are for those still in college. Interns receive intern pay and benefits and stick to one team.
  • Participants of SAP Next Talent are full time, salaried employees who rotate through the business.
  • Regular hires enter indefinitely into a team. Experiences vary depending on the team and there is no guarantee of mentorship, tailored training, a network, or dedicated team of SAP Next Talent program leads with laser-focus on helping you grow.
  • Overall, SAP Next Talent will accelerate your career by providing the guidance, mentorship, and opportunities to experience three professional opportunities in just one and half years.

We are looking for people who are independent, who crave change, and who are constantly learning and self-teaching new things. People who are able to connect dots to understand the big picture and not only comprehend it, but translate it into actionable tasks. We need hungry, proactive, and curious talent that gets things done.

​SAP Next Talent participants may be placed in any of the five office locations on the West Coast for rotations. For Newport Beach, the rotation is done virtually as SAP Next Talent members have their offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yes, SAP Next Talent participants are required to reside in the U.S. to participate in the program. For a full list of programs at SAP for recent graduates, please visit our website here.

Candidates will go through the following application process:

  1. Virtual tech assessment (for developers & data scientists) or portfolio review (for designers)
  2. Eligibility check
  3. Behavioral interview
  4. Tech expert interview(s)
  5. Selection committee interview

All candidates are then evaluated based on their entire application process, and then those chosen will be offered a role in the program.
SAP Next Talent’s hiring process is ongoing until all spots are filled.

SAP Next Talent program locations

We are now located in 5 cities on the US West Coast.

San Francisco

334 and 888 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA  94107


San Ramon

2700 Camino Ramon, Suite 400
San Ramon, CA  94583


Palo Alto

3410 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304


Newport Beach

The Waterfront
3366 Via Lido
92660 Newport Beach (CA)



601 108th Ave NE, Suite 1000
Bellevue, WA 98004


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