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CoE Engineers looking at a monitor and are discussing a technological challenge at a desk

Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program


Drive true Digital Transformation for our customers

Develop the skills to create, manage and execute a plan that supports SAP solutions with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

2500 Engineers

globally in 17 countries

Premium Hub - CoE Ireland is an organization that focuses on delivering desired outcomes and experiences for our customers worldwide through premium advisory, support, and services. The delivery of quality services serves as a catalyst for the software adoption that allows our customers to accelerate their digital transformation journeys in becoming Intelligent Enterprises – a journey that is powered by SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Solutions. Our Service Delivery Engineers contribute with technical and functional expertise, to deliver a portfolio of services that drive value creation through a combination of best practices, tools, knowledge, and experience to catalyse rapid time-to-value and accelerate the customers’ transition to the cloud.

Paul Cunningham
Head of Premium Hub - CoE Ireland

Premium Hub - CoE is a leading services organization that supports SAP customers on their digital transformation. The Premium Hub - CoE offers a portfolio of services that deliver the value in accelerating the customers’ transition to the cloud, this value is achieved through technical and functional expertise combined with tools, best practice, and the agility to deliver real outcomes. Premium Hub - CoE Ireland is a diverse and inclusive organization with an agile working culture that promotes career development for early talents who have the curiosity and passion for technology, solutions, and customer success.

Hit the ground running

The mission of the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Early Talent Program is to prepare our incoming graduates for their future careers in the Premium Hub - CoE as Support Engineers. In our Early Talent Program, you will experience a highly engaging, world-class training environment to learn about our business objectives in the Premium Hub - CoE, our products, and our customers both from a technical and business perspective. As we’re operating in a fast-changing business environment we’re adjusting our Early Talent Program and its objectives dynamically, to get you up-to-date with our comprehensive service portfolio as well as new innovations to engage with our customers. The Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program will invest time and resources to instil you with strong technical and soft skills to kick-start your career in the best way possible.

CoE Early Talent Program graphic

What does it take to be successful in the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Early Talent Program?

We’re looking for Early Talents who think and dream big. People who want to drive initiatives, have an impact. We’re looking for people who are team-spirited and solution-oriented, who are driven by innovations and want to innovate and invent themselves. And most of all, we’re looking for people who are passionate about helping businesses – and the world – run better and improve people’s lives.

  • Honours degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Science, Engineering or similar
  • Strong knowledge of/ proficiency in industry known programming languages
  • Proven attention to detail, with focus on quality assurance
  • Ability to learn quickly, strong analytical skills, creative, and solution-oriented
  • Team player who wants to work in an innovation-driven environment
  • (Ideally) experience in software engineering or software services industry; Internship, working student, or industry experience

What do we offer you to make your Early Talent Program successful?


  • Give you a holistic overview of Premium Hub - CoE Ireland’s business, strategy, and operations to prepare you best for your contribution to Premium Hub - CoE's and our customer’s success.
  • Support you in identifying your strengths to encourage you for your suitable career path.
  • Provide you with technical and soft skills to build the foundation for your future career working with leading technologies, business solutions, and SAP customers.
  • Connect and engage with you virtually, to make your remote working experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, for example through our Early Talent Community.
  • Offer you a mixture of training approaches including instructor led, self-paced, hands on, shadowing & group work.
  • You can take advantage of all SAP Benefits

Premium Hub - CoE Ireland people stories

SAP Premium Hub - CoE Ireland is a leading service and innovation hub, supporting customers worldwide in their journey to the Premium Hub - CoE. Our Service Engineers contribute with technical and functional expertise, to deliver a portfolio of services that drive value creation through a combination of best practices, tools, knowledge, and experience to catalyse rapid time-to-value and accelerate the customers’ transition to the cloud. On top of that, we’re continuously developing our services and products to provide our customers with innovation and optimizations.

Emma Grealy – Support Associate

Emma is working on the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Commerce Delivery team who work with customers to safeguard their investments in SAP Commerce through MaxAttention services and project deliveries. The team is embedded with customers to help them navigate the journey right from the preparation phase to execution to successful go lives. Over the recent years, the team has been involved in helping customers realise the benefits of running SAP commerce on the public cloud (Microsoft Azure) by implementing projects and migrating on-premise customers to the cloud.

Mark Forkan – Support Engineer

Mark is working on the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Human Capital Management & SuccessFactors team who are committed to safeguarding our customers success with SuccessFactors Human Capital Management and Cloud Hybrid implementations across all phases of their projects’ lifecycles.

Tejaswini Kumar  – Support Engineer

Tejaswini is working on the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland RunSAP team who strive to enable and influence SAP customers to optimize the management of their solutions from inception to ongoing operations. They help our customers reduce their “Total Cost of Ownership” while utilising SAP Lifecycle Management capabilities and Operations platforms as the key enabler.

Sean Keegan  – Support Engineer

Sean is working on the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland End-to-End Solution Development team who’s mission is to evolve the support and services for Safeguarding and End to End Hybrid Operations to enable Premium Hub - CoE to drive customer success and lead them on their journey to transition to an intelligent enterprise.

Tania Griffin
Support Engineer

"On my first day of joining Premium Hub - CoE Ireland I must admit I was feeling nervous as I did not know what to expect of the job role and more so what was expected of me. When I realized, I was starting on the Graduate program with all other new hires I felt so relieved. I was given the opportunity to start from scratch and was not thrown in at the deep end like one of the horror scenarios we tend to dream up in our minds. Taking part of the graduate program was a brilliant opportunity to ease into the workplace. Given the time and resources to really learn all the basics whether it be SAP acronyms, getting used to the systems, presentation skills, there was no silly questions. Everything was key to learning and preparing for your future team and working with customers. I highly recommend any new hires to take advantage of this time on the graduate program to really soak up all the knowledge and opportunities presented. This is key to your development. Since leaving the Early Talent program I have moved into the SuccessFactors team in which I am still learning every day. The number one thing that always stands out about working in Premium Hub - CoE Ireland even SAP overall for me and which I love is the culture and environment. It is filled with amazing people who are always extremely friendly and helpful. You will always be supported along your journey. We all learn from each other no matter what level you are at. Premium Hub - CoE Ireland has such a wide range of opportunities and roles in which you can take on during your career. Even in the beginning you might not be entirely sure what role or path is for you, but you can figure that out along the way there is endless trainings and learning opportunities to avail of." 

Shubham Wadzirkar
Support Associate

"The way SAP has made an impact on the world using innovative technologies and has successfully established a Fortune 500 client base was one of major reasons why I applied at SAP. This is a company that offers you a diverse professional experience. As a recent graduate, I believe SAP did a fantastic job of integrating graduates into their work culture through the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Bootcamp. From day one of the Premium Hub - CoE Ireland Bootcamp, I’ve felt like a part of something bigger. Every week had been meticulously planned with a perfect balance of theory and hands-on training. The thing which I liked the most was the progressive overload of the tasks that were assigned during the program. It was instrumental in easily adapting to SAP’s huge ecosystem and honed time management skills. In all honesty, the bootcamp has not been without its challenges but has provided a brilliant opportunity to explore multiple areas within the Premium Hub - CoE. It is the people that I’ve got to know through this program, both mentors and colleagues, that have made it such a valuable experience and pushed me to succeed." 

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