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Embedded Database For Application Software

Enable secure, reliable data management for servers where no DBA is available and synchronization for tens of thousands of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and remote environments.

Pricing and Packaging

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SAP SQL Anywhere, developer edition

Create custom mobile and IoT applications using embedded SQL database management software with this free trial.

SAP SQL Anywhere workgroup, Edge edition

Capture, access, and feed data between remote workplaces and the enterprise running the SAP HANA business data platform or other backend systems.

SAP SQL Anywhere, advanced edition

Leverage the advanced edition for support to run on more cores and more platforms, high availability, read-only scale-out, and more to power data-driven solutions.

SAP SQL Anywhere for OEMs

Take advantage of special packaging of the SAP SQL Anywhere solution that's tailored to meet the specific requirements of OEM partners.Request a quote

Additional Products

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