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Optimize manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA

Run intelligent manufacturing production processes and turn innovations into market success.

Enable intelligent manufacturing from design to operation

  • Real-time insights into work center and resource capacity utilization to understand load distribution and make real-time adjustments
  • Live planning that enables users to respond to demand and confirmed-order changes
  • Mass production of individualized, personalized parts with minimal human intervention
  • Collaboration between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract service providers to enable quick fulfillment of custom orders, while reducing inventory and waste

What can SAP S/4HANA do for manufacturing?

Production planning

  • Coordinate manufacturing operations – from material requirements to inventory
  • Adjust plans based on real-time information from your business, supplier network, and plant floor

Support for complex assembly processes

  • Create efficient plans for complex assembly, covering areas such as material requirements, production, and capacity planning
  • Include bills of material, routing, factory layout, and machine models

Production operations

  • Optimize production and material flow
  • Enable flexible and efficient manufacturing processes by using methods such as lean control, continuous improvement, and just-in-time replenishment

Manufacturing engineering

  • Boost quality and lower costs by fostering collaboration between R&D and manufacturing teams
  • Leverage relevant data and smooth handovers of engineering documents, bills of material, and design changes

Quality management

  • Take swift action to prevent or correct issues by running closed-loop quality management processes – from planning to operations
  • Support continuous improvement across the enterprise

Project manufacturing

  • Optimize operations for products and production processes on one platform
  • Manage production logistics more efficiently and transparently
  • Automate ‘true actual’ costing for highly engineered products and projects

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AI capabilities for manufacturing

Quickly deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) to help every employee make faster, more informed decisions.

Intelligent make-to-order outcomes in SAP S/4HANA

Consider how machine learning ensures inventory level optimization by enabling dynamic adjustments of buffer levels.

SAP S/4HANA release highlights for manufacturing

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