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RISE with SAP for Qualtrics Experience Management

Understand and act on the experience gaps of your project team and employees during your technology transformation.

Maximize employee adoption and ROI from your technology transformation

Typical project management tools exclude critical employee sentiment data, RISE with SAP for Qualtrics Experience Management provides a solution for continuous listening, understanding, and actioning wrapped around key moments throughout your transformation project. 

Identify human experience gaps before they impact project success

Get a holistic perspective on the status of your transformation project by combining operational data from your project management tool with real-time behavioral insight into gaps in project scope clarity, confidence, expectations, and end-user satisfaction.

Automate actions based on feedback and insights

Utilize advance analytics and AI generated insights to understand sentiment data including unstructured open text feedback. Automate actions to rapidly address experience gaps.

RISE with SAP for Qualtrics XM

Learn how to achieve success for your transformation project.

Key Benefits

RISE with SAP for Qualtrics Experience Management provides project stakeholders with the tools to monitor human experiences and take action to ensure success during your transformation. 

  • Maximize end-user adoption of new technology and processes

  • Realize business value from transformation projects faster

  • Enable real-time monitoring to proactively safeguard transformation projects

Key Capabilities

RISE with SAP for Qualtrics Experience Management delivers the world’s ultimate listening engine, allowing you to collect omnichannel feedback, sentiment, and insight easily from any resource aligned to your business transformation.

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Ultimate listening engine

  • Provide an early warning of risks during your transformation project
  • Monitor human experiences during your technology transformation
  • Use methodology developed specifically for technology transformation projects by experience management scientists and SAP experts

Intelligence and analytics

  • Run advanced analytics and machine learning-driven analysis of open text feedback
  • Automate dashboards with role-based access 
  • Enable real-time feedback and insights to provide direction for your transformation project

Actions and workflows

  • Automate actions in the platform to make recommendations based on feedback and sentiment
  • Provide communication guidance to IT staff who are new to experience management
  • Use action guidance to help move quickly from insight to action

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Elevate your success by leveraging services offered by SAP Customer Experience Services.

Services for experience management solutions from SAP

  • Optimize experience management
  • Visualize and act on the experience gap
  • Leverage deployment services to connect experience and operational data

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