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Release Highlights

Explore new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

Learn about our latest product innovations

See what’s new in SAP Analytics Cloud

Review the top features included in the latest release of SAP Analytics Cloud and get insights into how our new features and innovations can benefit you.  

Featured Highlights

Simplify data binding to a custom widget

Developers can bind data models to custom widgets by selecting proper dimensions and measures through the optimized view in the builder panel.

  • Implement through JSON files and Web component JavaScript files
  • Avoid the need for writing code and using hidden tables

Optimize the stories design experience

The optimized design mode improves the experience of creating stories. Capabilities include those delivered through the optimized view mode, such as ghost loading indicators, undo and redo capabilities, and hierarchy navigation. 

  • Take advantage of a builder panel and list of available objects
  • Convert existing stories to the new design experience 
  • Keep a copy of the initial design

Plan with a custom time-period calendar

Flexible time is enabled through a popular planning feature for system- and user-managed time periods to support many planning use cases in retail or other industries.

  • Support weekly patterns and the 53rd week, with the option to mix weekly patterns with other time-period granularities
  • Allow users to configure custom time periods with unique attributes and date and time roll-ups

Optimize data entry for planning

Fluid data entry brings together the best of existing data entry modes for planning: single and mass data entries.

  • Compute and update the story after a data entry, while enabling interactions such as right click or drill down
  • Enter multiple data points quickly and in sequence with recompute or display updates and without interactions
  • Input multiple data points in sequence, delay recompute and display updates, and enable interactions

Push analytics to an Android device

The SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app supports the analytics designer for SAP Analytics Cloud for Android devices to easily configure and manage access to analytics.

  • Support analytics applications on Android devices on par with iOS devices
  • Deploy analytics applications to Android-managed configuration solutions

Review documentation, training, and the road map for SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP Analytics Cloud road map

Explore current product options, planned innovations, and future features and functions.

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