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Run a customer-centric supply chain

Success in the experience economy comes down to trust and speed. Companies need to anticipate, create, and fulfill demand fast and reliably – or risk getting left behind.

Deliver product experiences that turn customers into fanatics

Combine experience data (X) with operational data (O) to seamlessly link demand signals to your fulfillment engine – and run a customer-centric supply chain.

Know what customers want

Connect demand signals and analyze sentiment to gain deeper insights into what your customers want – before they even know they want it.

Gain supply chain visibility

Get the complete visibility you need to predict and react to shifting conditions, provide real-time customer updates, and keep your delivery promises.

Stand for something good

Design and build sustainable products your customers want that are ethically sourced and generate minimal waste. Optimize loads and routes to reduce emissions. 

Great product experiences are built on smart digital supply chains

Companies excel when they give customers the product experiences they demand – while making it all look easy with an intelligent digital supply chain.

44 %

44% of all shoppers say faster delivery would increase their trust in a brand

47 %

47% of shoppers will abandon a retailer due to lack of visibility into order status

70 %

70% of shoppers will go to a competitor if what they want isn’t in stock

Take the next step

By combining operational data (O) with experience data (X), SAP can help you become a digital supply chain leader – and deliver the dream product and experience your customers expect.

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