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Get started with SAP Data Intelligence

Find the information you need to implement, maintain, and enhance SAP Data Intelligence.

Learn more about SAP Data Intelligence

Courses on data orchestration and data management

Use the openSAP platform to access courses that are focused on data orchestration, data pipelining, and metadata management capabilities within SAP Data Intelligence. 

Data Bits & Bites Webinars from SAP

Join our live Webinars to hear from our experts on technical and business topics, road maps, and new releases, and watch previous Webinars on demand.

Community and Events

Join your regional customer community

Network with other customers of SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Data Hub, get insights from product experts, share your knowledge, and attend year-round events by joining the SAP user community in your region.

Meet our online community

Connect with our solution experts, as well as customers and partners, to share information and access key product details on SAP Data Intelligence. 

Product Details

Explore SAP Data Intelligence in detail and get insights into the future direction of the product.

Road map

Learn about current options, planned innovations, and future features for SAP Data Intelligence.

Product documentation

Find documentation on product onboarding, implementation, extensibility, and more in the help portal for SAP Data Intelligence.

Expert Services

Put your SAP project on the path to success from day one.

Expert guidance and adivce

Rely on experts to reduce time-to-value, transform your front office, and derive maximum value from our solutions – with SAP Digital Business Services.

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