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Deploying a Feature to SAP Cloud Platform

By Daniel Wroblewski

In this tutorial, you will deploy your feature (including all the plugins inside) to SAP Cloud Platform. This enables other developers to load and use your plugin.


You will learn

  • How to deploy a feature (and its plugins) to SAP Cloud Platform

Step 1: Deploy the application

In the workspace, right-click the plugin folder and choose Deploy | Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.

If prompted, log in to your account.

Start deploy process

In the Deploy Application to SAP Cloud Platform dialog, choose Deploy.
Choose Deploy

Step 2: Check the deployment

In the Successfully Deployed dialog box, choose Open the application’s page in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. The SAP Cloud Platform cockpit opens in a new tab.
Open application in cockpit
Check the status of the application to make sure it is started.
Open application in cockpit
The application URL is shown under Active Version. Save this link for later use.
Open application in cockpit

Next Steps

Updated 12/12/2017

Time to Complete

5 Min



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