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SAP Document Center


SAP Document Center

SAP Document Center allows you to securely share, view, present, and collaborate on corporate content from any device. Find best practices on how to use, configure, develop extensions, or integrate SAP Document Center with your Business Applications.


Set up your own free developer tenant on the SAP Cloud Platform trial account. The free developer tenant provides access to all capabilities of SAP Document Center.

Enable your SAP Document Center trial

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Learn how to configure and use SAP Document Center

Using SAP Document Center

Expert Content

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Use SAP Document Center from any device

SAP Document Center provides Web, iOS, Android and Desktop apps. You can seamlessly collaborate, synchronize and store documents for offline usage in any device. You can also develop your own client app and connect it with SAP Document Center.

iOS App (Apple App Store)

Android App (Google Play Store)

Desktop Apps for MAC and Windows (SAP MarketPlace)

End User Guide Documentation

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Integrate SAP Document Center with SAP Jam or SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAP Document Center can also be integrated with other SAP applications such as SAP Jam and SAP Fiori Launchpad. Jump start to figure out how to accomplish this.

Access SAP Document Center contents in SAP Jam

Create SAP Document Center tiles in SAP Fiori LaunchPad

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Access on-premise or other cloud repositories and develop custom clients

Develop further with SAP Document Center and connect it to any other cloud or on-premise repositories. Learn how to build custom clients.

Connect SAP Document Center with ABAP repository

Implement SAP Document Center ABAP connector

Connect SAP Document Center with SAP Knowledge Management repository

Develop your own custom app

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