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Evernex: Heightening service levels amid rapid growth by creating a fleet of digital apps

Explore Evernex’s journey with SAP

Amid double-digit growth, IT maintenance provider Evernex met aggressive service-level agreements by creating a suite of role-specific applications to improve productivity. To achieve its goals, the company used SAP Business Application Studio on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) integrated with the SAP Business ByDesign solution. 



faster to complete order entries for complex contracts.


data source accessed using multiple applications.



faster to locate and dispatch a spare part.

SAP BTP is helping us enhance the services we deliver to our customers by improving user experiences and providing each employee with the right tools and information to complete day-to-day tasks efficiently.

Emmanuel Roland
Chief Digital and Technology Officer

The Challenge

Meeting exacting service levels with increased efficiency

Intent on delivering new levels of customer service, and in a bid to increase productivity and efficiency during times of rapid business growth, Evernex wanted to provide employees with intuitive tools for specific tasks. These tools needed to cover functions in sales, supply chain, finance, and operations and accelerate workflows by automatically connecting with the relevant ERP application.


To get there, Evernex sought to establish a robust, scalable, and unified digital foundation for its business management processes. The company looked for a cloud-based solution architecture that supported a standardized “clean core” strategy as the foundation for reliable and connected processes, data, and analytics. Then, building on this foundation and underpinning user adoption, Evernex could deploy intuitive and specific applications tailored to employee roles.

With SAP BTP, our creativity becomes the limit. We can develop tools for defined business needs while keeping a standardized ERP core based on SAP Business ByDesign.

Emmanuel Roland
Chief Digital and Technology Officer

The Solution

Developing tools for defined business needs on a standardized ERP core

Joining forces with SAP partner Apsia, Evernex created a cloud-based innovation foundation enabled by SAP BTP and integrated with the company’s existing instance of the SAP Business ByDesign solution and other applications through SAP Integration Suite.


Supported by Apsia, Evernex developed multiple applications for desktops and mobile devices within weeks using SAP Business Application Studio, a product powered by SAP Business Technology Platform.


User-specific access and authorization is enabled by SAP Launchpad service and SAP Platform Identity Provider service for SAP BTP. The SAP Analytics Cloud solution is used for real-time reporting, and the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution supports improved stock management.

The Result

Helping employees work more effectively with role-specific applications

With new role-specific applications offering an intuitive user experience, user adoption and productivity at Evernex has spiked. Taking advantage of newly accelerated processes, employees are able to complete tasks in significantly less time. For example, it’s now four times faster to complete order entries for complex contracts. Likewise, the process to dispatch a part, which previously took 60 to 90 minutes, is now completed in 10 to 15 minutes, making all the difference for a company that must meet service-level agreements of only a few hours. 


Meanwhile, there’s now better access to business intelligence and scenario planning, making timely and accurate data available to support data-driven decision-making and inform future strategy. Using SAP Integrated Business Planning, Evernex has improved stock management and now efficiently manages 850,000 stock items across 330 stocking locations.

SAP helps Evernex run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Increased user adoption and productivity, helping employees complete tasks significantly faster
  • Enabled better access to business intelligence and scenario planning, supporting agile decision-making
  • Eased technology complexity by maintaining a standardized ERP application
  • Lowered the cost of technology ownership, thanks to a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Business Technology Platform brings together data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one environment.
  • SAP Business Application Studio is a modern cloud-based development environment, tailored for efficient development and extension of SAP solutions.
  • SAP Integration Suite enables the integration of on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes with content managed by SAP.
  • SAP Business ByDesign delivers prebuilt processes for everything from finance and sales to product management and purchasing on a single, unified solution.
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain synchronizes supply chain planning, from sales and operations planning to inventory supply planning, in real time.

About Evernex

Committed to supporting customers with sustainable and cost-efficient IT operations, global third-party IT maintenance provider Evernex offers repair services that extend the life of computer hardware past manufacturers’ initial maintenance periods.

Featured partner

Apsia SAS supports its customers’ digital transformation projects and promotes the success of implementing cloud technologies for ERP, customer relationship management, and data analytics applications. Apsia has proven experience across key business departments, including finance, sales, marketing, accounting, production, and logistics.

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