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אודות SAP 

כספקית המובילה של יישומי תוכנה לארגונים, SAP ניצבת במרכז המהפכה הטכנולוגית העכשווית, עוזרת לארגונים לייעל את פעילותם ולייצר הזדמנויות חדשות לחדשנות וצמיחה. בנוסף, SAP מסייעת לארגונים לשמור על יתרון מול מתחריהם ומאיצה תהליכי טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית במאות אלפי ארגונים במעל 180 מדינות בעולם. למידע נוסף אודות תאגיד SAP הגלובאלי,

Join SUGEN to drive the market toward excellence, innovation, and success

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SUGEN’s mission is to be a powerful, international voice that unites regional SAP user groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP that ultimately drives the market toward excellence, innovation, and success.The charter of SUGEN is to be the global network of SAP user groups that provides a collective view of strategic issues that need to be addressed by SAP.

The purpose of SUGEN is to create and sustain collaborative bodies that foster the sharing of information, expertise, and experience users and SAP cannot find anywhere else by:
As the collective voice of SAP User Groups, SUGEN provides SAP with a consolidated view on influence priorities. These can vary from case to case on SAP products, services, or anything else from the SAP ecosystem. If applicable, charters are founded to build a task force of SAP User Group members and SAP employees working on a particular topic for a certain period of time.
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In addition, SUGEN provides a method for communication among SAP User Groups and SAP. New and urgent topics from both sides can be addressed in an open dialog, assuring a proper documentation of priorities.


Furthermore, SAP User Groups that are members of SUGEN share best practices with each other and SAP. These best practices can focus on the organization of the groups and different programs that are executed.

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