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Discover how 

SAP runs SAP 

Inside SAP’s own digital transformation journey

At SAP, enabling our customers to be best-run starts from within. As our first customer, we solve issues across our enterprise with SAP software — and learn, improve, and innovate as we go. Take a look behind the curtain to see how SAP software is powering and transforming SAP.

We run SAP across the business

We at SAP strive to lead in transformative change. Using our own technology provides us valuable hands on experience in piloting through today’s challenges. We use the right data for intelligently steering our business. We reinvented our finance organization. We have built one of the most acclaimed workforces in the world. Here we tell real stories on how we run using SAP.

How we run SAP Business Technology Platform

Moving applications into the cloud was just the beginning. Today, it’s about new ways of building better user experiences. This is the story of how we built our platform for the Intelligent Enterprise.

How we run SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Store offers more than 1,800 solutions designed to help you conduct business. See where the digital marketplace is headed with intelligent features to help customers find what they need.

How we transform Finance with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The move to SAP S/4HANA is more than a technology transformation. It’s a true business transformation. Here’s how we really did it – and what it means for the company and our customers.

How we use intelligent data and analytics

Intelligent decisions that bring organizations ahead require trusted data. But what’s the best data strategy and what technology is needed to fuel real-time steering – and the entire Intelligent Enterprise?

How we run SAP Workforce Management

How to attract, hire, and onboard the best. How to drive SAP’s successful culture. How to lead. We have transformed HR, and we don’t keep it a secret. We use human experience management solutions from SAP.

How we run SAP Intelligent Spend Management

Discover how SAP is achieving intelligent spend management based on one user experience. Learn how we strive for total clarity in each spend category, including services, external labor, travel and expenses, and direct and indirect spend.

Transforming into an Intelligent Enterprise

Where does transformation start? Whether it’s processes, or technology: SAP runs SAP, and we look at it holistically. Our orgainization, implementations and architectures reflect one objective, crafting an intelligent enterprise for both our customers, and employees.

Achieving our ambitions means building a culture of innovation that spans across business, technology, and beyond – to proactively shape the future of digitization.  

Florian Roth, CIO, SAP

We drive SAP’s own transformation journey for an accelerated transition to the cloud – that’s why transformation is our heartbeat!

Dr. Benjamin Blau and Thorsten Jahnke SAP Transformation Office

This is an era of unprecedented change. For us at SAP, technology is at the heart of it – creating new opportunities for all of us.

Christian Freytag, CTO SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Come and evolve with us!

With over 100,000 employess around the world, SAP never stops running. We rely on amazing people, great technology, and remarkable ideas to lead in innovation and build an intelligent enterprise. And then we take what we learn, and deliver it to our customers. We are happy to share our experiences. Follow us on LinkedIn at SAP Intelligent Enterprise Showroom for more behind-the-scenes updates and live events or contact us for more information.

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