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אודות SAP 

כספקית המובילה של יישומי תוכנה לארגונים, SAP ניצבת במרכז המהפכה הטכנולוגית העכשווית, עוזרת לארגונים לייעל את פעילותם ולייצר הזדמנויות חדשות לחדשנות וצמיחה. בנוסף, SAP מסייעת לארגונים לשמור על יתרון מול מתחריהם ומאיצה תהליכי טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית במאות אלפי ארגונים במעל 180 מדינות בעולם. למידע נוסף אודות תאגיד SAP הגלובאלי,

Sanoj PC

Digital Demand Agent, Bangalore, India

Ultimately, with more challenges, comes a better chance for success. In my case, I came to SAP as a shy introvert, but I have since become a confident contributor.

Sanoj PC
Digital Demand Agent
Bangalore, India

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

My name is Sanoj and I’m based at SAP in Bangalore, India, although I grew up in what’s known as “God’s Own Country” – beautiful Kerala, India. I’m an active person so I try to play badminton, cricket, table tennis, and even dance as often as I can. One hobby I’m particularly passionate about is driving. I love long drives and I frequently drive to different places in my city and country.

Professionally, I’m a Digital Demand Agent within Sales responsible for generating new business, installing base accounts, selling solutions, and monitoring deal progressions. 

Ever since I began my career, I heard about SAP from partner companies. SAP’s company culture and innovation are well-known and well-respected and this was what initially attracted me. Seeing the systems and platforms the Company develops help business run better, and the investment that SAP puts into communities around the world improves millions of people’s lives. I knew this would be the right kind of environment for me.

I joined SAP eager to start a career, but had little experience: no proper goals, no career plan, no idea if any company would take a chance on me. After I was hired at SAP as an entry-level Marketing Representative, I quickly realized that SAP was a place where I could develop myself, gain the skills & trainings I needed, and reap opportunities for the future. Because SAP took a chance on me and provided the tools I needed, I wanted to be as successful as I could be here. Gradually, I started to take an interest in sales and believed that would be the right path for me. I began setting goals for myself and started competing with myself by analyzing each stage of my career and setting the bar higher and higher.

There have been a lot of challenging situations in my life but I always made up my mind to face them. Ultimately, with more challenges, comes a better chance for success. In my case, I came to SAP as a shy introvert, but I have since become a confident contributor.

A lot of this comes down to the incredible experience SAP provided me at the Sales Academy. This best-in-class training took place in California, USA with people like me from all over the world. The feeling of different cultures coming together and working together as a family was so inspiring, to say the least. Being in workshops about sales techniques with everyone ended up simply being so much fun. Thanks to this experience, I learned how to better engage with different people, build rapport with clients, and break out of my shell!

Success means achieving whatever you desire so if you dream it, you can reach it!

So next time you see “SAP”, what should you remember?

  • Super Awesome People
  • Super Awesome Place
  • Super Awesome Product

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