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Shiny Victoria

Senior Business Process Consultant

Shiny's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP has taught me to walk with my head held high.

Shiny Victoria

Shiny Victoria calls it a walk to remember, a description that is very significant in her case. And she still remembers the details vividly. The energy in her voice is palpable when she talks about the incident.

It was the end of October 2007, and she was driving through the area where the Marathahalli Bridge was still under construction at the time. Ask her what her driving style was that morning and she considers the question carefully.

"Fast", she finally concedes. "Fast but safe."

It was one of those classic time-and-motion equations. And time was slipping away.

"Gasp! Finally, I reached the SAP security gate at 10 am," she says. "I had a job interview scheduled for 10:30 and I was still at the gate arguing with the security guard."

The guard told her she was not allowed to drive in. Visitors’ vehicles, he said, were not permitted beyond the security gate. She would have to walk. Time was ticking away.

But there was also a major complicating factor. Having contracted polio when she was a year old, Shiny has to use calipers and a walking stick.

"Please allow my vehicle inside," she asked. "I can’t walk all the way to the HR building."

"No, madam, we are not allowed to allow visitors’ vehicle inside."

The HR building was at least a kilometer and a half away and she began to despair. "The campus was so good but too huge. I really don’t know how I managed to walk all the way, especially due to the fact that I am physically challenged."

Fortuitously, the security guard’s supervisor arrived, assessed the situation and allowed her to drive into the SAP complex.

"Somehow, I managed to reach the room in time. But the confidence and focus I needed for the interview were ebbing away after the tiresome walk.

Then, all too soon, came the voice that said: ‘Shiny, you’re next’. I made my way inside and made myself comfortable and the interviewers were very pleasant. Everything went well, I thought, but a few days passed and I hadn’t received a response.

Finally, the next month, an email popped up. The subject field said it all. Yes! It said: ‘Offer at SAP Labs’. My reaction was utterly spontaneous. ‘Thank you, Lord,’ I shouted with joy.

The days and years that have passed since I started in January 2008 have been a wonderful journey with fun, learning and gaining lots of knowledge.

In 2018, it was such a proud moment when I received the email marking my 10 years of service at SAP. Amid the pride and gratitude that I felt so strongly, there was something else. Something very important to me because of my physical condition.

I looked back on the day of my interview and how I managed to make my way to the HR building as a woman with no hope. In the years since then, SAP has transformed me into a woman of hope, happiness and confidence.

Indeed, it was a walk to remember. I will cherish it for a lifetime. SAP has taught me to walk with my head held high."

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