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Iver van de Zand

Vice President of Product Strategy for Augmented Business Intelligence

Iver's Story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


At SAP, leaders foster cross-functional collaboration and connections with partners and colleagues. We recognize that passion, integrity, and a willingness to collaborate are more important than ever for customer success.

Iver van de Zand

Today, total global digitalization data is estimated to be 64 zetta-bytes and will grow to be 175 zetta-bytes by the year 2025. How big is a zetta-byte? It’s a trillion gigabytes. To put it in perspective: if you were to store the entire global data volume on DVDs, the DVD stack would circle the earth 222 times.

This is one of Iver van de Zand’s favorite pieces of trivia. As Vice President of Product Strategy for Augmented Business Intelligence, he sees the untapped potential of raw data and knows that people are the key to unlocking its power. That is why Iver and his team are focused on how people use SAP’s Business Intelligence Platform.

“It gives me joy to guide our analytics and business intelligence customers to get insights into their performance,” Iver says. To help customers benefit from a bounty of data, he works with them to outline the data value chain that looks at the span, amount, quality and usage of data. It is one of the steps in transforming a business into a data-driven enterprise.

“It is simplifying the vast amounts of data into analytics that our customers need and want, and then contextualizing it for the end user automatically in the software,” Iver says.

The data value chain must ensure that each of the four pillars (span of data, the amount of data, quality of data, and usage of date) interrelate with each other as part of SAP’s Business Intelligence Platform.

“Our mission is to turn trusted data into a powerful asset for making confident decisions; to support all business professionals to thrive on using data and to deliver powerful, automated, unbiased insights for everyone,” Iver shares.

Central to that vision is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), a solution that combines business intelligence with projections and predictive analytics to allow for a 360-degree and future-looking view of enterprise readiness.

“SAC is the strategic analytics platform for all SAP business applications. It is an exciting time to be part of SAP, because of our investment in this space,” says Iver.

Having worked in business intelligence and performance management for over 25 years, Iver wears many hats on top of his day job. He’s a thought leader, analytics evangelist, author, entrepreneur, consultant, and more. He joined SAP in 2012 and expanded his role over the years, gaining further expertise in analytics, business intelligence, IoT, planning, financial consolidation, and SAP HANA in-memory.

“I was lucky to be part of a generation when data warehousing was invented. We learned how to model and optimize databases to manage information. In today’s digital transformation age, with continuously connected networks and data from everywhere, we now have tools that allow business users to work with business intelligence relatively autonomously themselves. This provides the agility to analyze data in a few clicks,” he says.

He enjoys working at SAP because the company invests in performance and quality. “We have a clear plan at SAP and are on a journey. We are flexible, agile, and focused on scalability. We allow for real predictive planning and continuously invest in innovation to make what we do every day even better and stronger. “

Iver leads the analytics business intelligence solution management area. This means running the technical go-to-market. “The current era of digital transformation excites me massively. IoT, unstructured data, Big Data, integration of networks and in-memory platforms, all make analytics and performance insights more interesting than ever. And SAP has it all. My team stays closely aligned to the development teams to stay ahead of market needs in analytics products.”

SAP has recently seen enhanced integrations between SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) to build a bridge between enterprise and business.

“SAP and our customers have a massive abundance of data. There’s so much data that people struggle to make sense of it. Therefore, we came up with the data value formula and business technology platform to help our customers and SAP turn that data into intelligence. On this front, DWC provided significant value by enabling our customers to connect, transform, model, and visualize their data collaboratively with no additional applications required. It’s a seamless solution.”

Out of this product partnership, Iver formed a friendship and connection with Mohamed Abdel Hadi, or Mo, SAP’s Global Vice President for SAP Data Warehouse Product Management & Strategy. From the first time Mo and Iver met, they hit it off talking about, you guessed it, data.

“I thrive on learning and sharing. And at SAP, you can continuously find people who have a shared passion,” Iver says. “In addition to SAP being world class in the work that we do, we care about the way in which we do it. You can see it in the way we treat people and how we respect one another.”

At SAP, leaders foster cross-functional collaboration and connections with partners and colleagues. We recognize that passion, integrity, and a willingness to collaborate are more important than ever for customer success.

“In our space we are always looking to upskill. Being able to share knowledge, listen, and support each other even in different areas of the business is invaluable,” says Iver. “Plus, we have fun along the way.”

We build breakthroughs, together.

Global issues require global solutions — solutions that require breaking through the technological, geopolitical and societal barriers that get in the way of progress. That’s why at SAP, we don’t accept those barriers. It’s why we work together, putting our differences and egos aside and uniting as one to move businesses and economies forward for a better tomorrow.

Meet Mo, Iver’s colleague who he shares a passion for analytics. Mo is Vice President for SAP Product Management & Strategy Data Warehouse.

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