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Christiane Protzel

Senior Marketing Specialist, SAP Global Sponsorships

Christiane's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

I can say I am doing my dream job at SAP Global Sponsorships as I am able to be creative and I am also working with the best football club in the world to bring our technology stories to life.

Christiane Protzel

How do major football teams constantly stay competitive in the complex and demanding business world? FC Bayern’s secret is using the power of SAP technology to their competitive advantage as they remain the top tier in the German football league and most successful club in German football history. Their success requires a profound management of tactics, analytics, strategy, and valuable partnerships. Therefore, FC Bayern has been partnering with SAP since 2014 to not only maintain their success, but also to further optimize the club’s operations. As part of their cooperation, SAP supports FC Bayern across a wide range of areas and activities, including the optimization of business processes, analyzing player health and performance as well as personalizing fan experiences.

Christiane Protzel, a Senior Marketing Specialist in the SAP Global Sponsorships team, has been with SAP for four years and is managing the partnership with FC Bayern. Her job is to bring SAP’s sponsorships approach to life and show how SAP technology supports one of the most successful sports teams in the world. As a runner, bicycler, and skier, Christiane’s passion for her career stems from her personal love for both entertainment and sports as, Christiane expresses: “I am also interested in sports/entertainment and I enjoy putting my creative skills to good use”. Her creativity has ultimately led her to work with Matthias Weber, Innovation Manager in SAP’s Global Sponsorship organization, on various partnership projects.  

“Together with Matthias I am working on a global FC Bayern Campaign regarding the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. As a team we will show globally how SAP is supporting the FC Bayern family and the team behind the famous football players,” said Christiane.

While Christiane focuses more on the creative part, Matthias adds his technology related aspects to bring such sport spartnerships like FC Bayern to life. Christiane and Matthias have a shared passion for sports, which has helped them work as a powerful team. “Working as a team collaborating and bringing in your strengths is what you can do at SAP. Your ideas are very valued, and we are encouraged to try out new things,” says Christiane. With her creative talents her and Matthias focus on the technology aspect; together, they bring SAP’s technology to life with FC Bayern.

Christiane loves to work with partners, and wanted to work globally. After living in Italy for a year, she is fluent in Italian and has utilized her new perspectives from living abroad to deeper her connections with her partnerships in sports. She started in the creative marketing area at SAP and has loved it ever since! “Therefore, I can say I am doing my dream job at SAP Global Sponsorships as I am able to be creative and  I am also working with the best football club in the world to bring our technology stories to life”, Christiane said.

Meet Matthias Weber, one of Christiane’s colleagues who she collaborates with for partnership projects with FC Bayern. He works as an Innovation Manager in SAP’s Global Sponsorships organization.

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