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Details of the person subject to the disclosure requirement
Company: HP Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG

Person performing managerial responsibilities, triggering the disclosure requirement for the legal person
Details of the person performing managerial responsibilities
Position: Member of an administrative or supervisory body

Information about the transaction with duty of notification

Description of the financial instrument: Share

ISIN/WKN of the financial instrument: DE0007164600
Type of transaction: Compensation in kind (receiving party)
Date: 23.12.2015

Price: not numberable

Currency: EUR

No. of items: 87803973

Total amount traded: -

Place: over the counter

Explanation for publication:

The notifying entity held a share of 95.05% in the limited liability
capital of Hasso Plattner GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs-KG. On 23 December 2015
the notifying entity ceased to be a partner in Hasso Plattner GmbH & Co.
Beteiligungs-KG. On that occasion the notifying entity received inter alia
87,803,973 SAP shares from Hasso Plattner GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs-KG in the
context of a compensation in kind. This corresponds to 95.05% of all SAP
shares held by Hasso Plattner GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs-KG until then, so
that from an economic perspective this entails no change of the existing
circumstances for the notifying entity and the remaining partners in Hasso
Plattner GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs-KG. On 22 December 2015, the day before
the transaction, the XETRA closing price of the SAP share amounted to EUR
71.75. On the basis of this price the theoretical transaction volume is EUR
6,299,935,062.75 in total.

Information about the company with duty of publication

Issuer: SAP SE

Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16

69190 Walldorf


ISIN: DE0007164600

WKN: 716460

End of Directors" Dealings Notification 

(c) DGAP 28.12.2015
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