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Frequently Asked Questions

The world is experiencing an unprecedented challenge posed by COVID-19. We are making every effort to ensure the SAP SE Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) can take place while ensuring safety of our shareholders, employees, and service provides. Therefore, the SAP Executive Board and SAP Supervisory Board have decided to hold this year’s AGM as a virtual event.

When will the official invitation for the AGM be published?

The official invitation will be published on April 21, 2020. This constitutes the formal convening the meeting.

How can I ensure I receive the invitation in time?

You can view the invitation on our Web site after publication, as well as in the German Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger). SAP shares are bearer shares, so SAP does not have a register of shareholder names and details. All invitations will be distributed through the securities deposit banks. The bank managing your securities account is responsible for sending out the invitation to you. Please contact your bank with any questions. We ask for your patience and understanding for any delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why can’t I receive the invitation and register for the AGM electronically?

There are two classes of shares in Germany – registered shares and bearer shares. Companies issuing registered shares maintain a (virtual) share registry containing the names of the shareholders and can therefore contact them directly. For issuers of bearer shares – like SAP – a different procedure is required. Contact to our shareholders (and therefore the registration for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders) must be conducted through the custodian banks, as we do not have the information about our shareholders. This may sound like a cumbersome process, but it is a statutory requirement for bearer shares. After registering with your securities deposit bank, they will send you a voting right card. This is how the bank confirms to SAP how many shares you hold. With this voting right card you can cast your vote by postal vote. Alternatively, you also gain access to a shareholder portal and can exercise your voting rights electronically. 

I haven’t received an invitation. What should I do?

Please contact your bank if it hasn’t sent you your invitation.

Where is the AGM being held?

This year the AGM will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no opportunity to attend the event physically.

When does the meeting start and how long will it last?

The meeting starts at 10 a.m. CEST on May 20, 2020. How long it lasts depends on how long it takes the Executive Board and Supervisory Board to answer the questions submitted to them.  

Do I need to register if I want to watch the AGM online?

No, registration is not required to watch the event live online at  

How do I register for the AGM?

The bank managing your securities account will provide the information you need to register to exercise your voting rights and/or to submit a question.  

My voting right card didn’t arrive in time. What should I do?

If your attendance is registered for the virtual meeting but your voting right card doesn’t arrive in time please contact the Computershare hotline at 089 - 30 90 37 46 75.

Why do I have to get a voting right card for the meeting from my bank if I only want to vote by post or via the Shareholder Portal?

The voting right card is the proof of share ownership. You also need the number on the voting right card to attend the meeting virtually. 

How do I vote?

Upon registration with your security deposit bank, they will send you a voting right card with instructions on how to vote via electronic communication and by granting power of attorney. You also will have the option to vote by post as well as grant power of attorney by post or fax.  

By when do I have to submit my vote?

Postal votes sent by mail must be received by May 19, 2020 (day of receipt of mail), and postal votes sent by fax must be received by May 19, 2020, 12:00 pm (noon) CEST. Voting via the online platform, as well as proxy voting by authorizing the Company proxies via the online platform is still possible on the day of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders until the end of the answers to the shareholders’ questions.

How do I instruct the Company to vote on my behalf?

Before or at the meeting, you can give instructions to a proxy provided by the Company. For more details see page 54 in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

How can I submit my questions to the SAP Executive Board and SAP Supervisory Board?

You will need to register via online platform using the instructions mailed with your voting right card in order to submit a question. Questions can only be submitted using the online platform and must be received by May 17, 2020, 11:59 pm CEST.

What is the record date for participation in the AGM?

The record date for participation in the AGM is now May 8, 2020.

Has the dividend payment changed?

The proposed dividend has not changed and remains €1.58 per share.

What is the dividend record date?

The dividend record date is unchanged, May 20, 2020.

What is the ex-dividend date?

The ex-dividend date is unchanged, May 21, 2020.

What is the dividend payment date?

The dividend payment date is unchanged, May 26, 2020.  

When is the dividend payment for ADR holders?

The final dividend payment by SAP SE to the depositary bank is scheduled for May 26, 2020. The depositary bank will then convert the dividend payment from euro into US dollars as promptly as practicable.

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