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Terms of Use for video messages

Please read our Terms of Use for video messages and confirm when uploading that you have read, understood, and accepted them.

Copyright, right to your personal image


By submitting video messages, you expressly agree to the free-of-charge use, in particular for publication on the SAP Shareholder Portal as part of this year's virtual Annual General Meeting. You agree that the video file you have submitted may, in particular, be transmitted in any technical form on demand and made available for viewing on the SAP Shareholder Portal.


If you are entitled to a copyright or another right regarding your video message, you grant SAP SE the unlimited, non-exclusive right to audiovisual use for the purposes of the virtual Annual General Meeting 2021 of SAP SE.


SAP SE is entitled to transfer the granted rights in whole or in part to third parties or to grant rights of use to third parties.


You guarantee that no personal rights of third parties are violated. In case persons are visible and identifiable on your video file who are neither persons of contemporary history nor “incidental works” within the meaning of § 57 of the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Urheberrechtsgesetz – UrhG), you guarantee that these persons consented to the submission and use to the extent mentioned above.


If minors (under 18 years) are shown on your video file you confirm to have obtained the consent of their parents or legal guardians.


You guarantee that you are the owner of all rights to the material of your video file

required for the aforementioned use or that you are able to dispose of these rights and that no rights of third parties are infringed by this use. You guarantee that the rights granted to SAP SE are not encumbered with the rights of a third party and that no third party is commissioned to exercise them.


You are obliged to indemnify SAP SE and all who derive rights from SAP SE from any claims that are asserted by third parties in connection with their obligations, declarations or warranties under these Terms of Use, as well as from the costs of an appropriate legal defense.



Right to edit / right of use


It is intended to publish the submitted video messages shortly upon receipt and review by SAP SE in the SAP Shareholder Portal which can only be accessed by shareholders and their proxies using the voting right card number and individual access code at However, please note that there is no legal entitlement to the publication of a video message.

The video file submitted by you might be edited, used, saved, archived or, if applicable, deleted by SAP SE for the above-mentioned purposes at any time.


By submitting a video message, you declare your consent to the video message, including your name, being published on the SAP Shareholder Portal until the end of the Annual General Meeting.


SAP SE reserves the right, in particular, not to publish video messages with offensive, discriminatory, criminally relevant, or obviously false or misleading content, without any reference to the agenda or in other languages than German.


The same applies to any form of advertising, video messages longer than three minutes or failing to comply with the technical requirements. Only one video message will be published per shareholder. They will only be permitted if a shareholder or a proxy appear in person.


Please note that countermotions, election proposals or questions contained in a video message but not submitted as described in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting will be disregarded.


SAP SE assumes no liability for the content of the video files. Opinions contained therein do not reflect the opinion of SAP SE.


Data protection


SAP SE processes your personal data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Upon publication in the SAP Shareholder Portal and provided that all necessary requirements have been met, the submitted videos can be viewed by the shareholders and their proxies on the SAP Shareholder Portal until the end of the virtual Annual General Meeting. Your personal data will be processed based on your consent in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, letter a), GDPR.


You may revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at the address



Investor Relations

Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16

D-69190 Walldorf



or via email to The processing of your data remains lawful until your revocation.


Subsequent deletion of the video messages


SAP SE will delete the video messages submitted by you after the end of the virtual Annual General Meeting. Please note that with video recordings being published on the Internet, there is a general risk that they could be redistributed without our involvement and could therefore no longer be deleted - even if published only for a limited group of addressees in an access-protected area.


For further information on data protection, in particular on your so-called data subject rights, please refer to our notes on data protection for shareholders, which can be found under the following link:

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