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Image of AGM 2021 podium

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Upcoming Events

Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer and member of the SAP Executive Board will speak at the event.

The event will be webcast and recorded, and will start at 1:35 pm PDT / 4:35 pm EDT / 9:35 pm BST / 10:35 pm CEST



Note on Quiet Periods:
During quiet periods, disclosure of information relative to the performance or prospective performance for a particular financial reporting period is restricted. Quiet Periods commence in the last week of a quarter and extend to the release of the quarterly results.For the full-year results released in January each year, the Quiet Period usually typically starts in the first full week of December and extends to the release of the preliminary year-end results in January.



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