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(5) Revenue

For detailed information about our revenue recognition policies, see Note (3).

For revenue information by geographic region, see Note (28).

Revenue from construction contracts (contract revenue) is mainly included in software revenue and services revenue depending on the type of contract. In 2016, contract revenue of €280 million was recognized for all our construction contracts (2015: €292 million, 2014: €285 million). The status of our construction contracts in progress at the end of the reporting period accounted for under IAS 11 (Construction Contracts) was as follows:

Construction Contracts in Progress

€ millions 2016 2015 2014
Aggregate cost recognized (multi-year) 527 294 201
Recognized result
(+ profit/– loss;
−174 20 92
Gross amounts due to customers 78 41 30

Recognized loss stated for 2016 predominantly resulted from strategic customer co-innovation projects.

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