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(12) Other Financial Assets

Other Financial Assets

€ millions 2016 2015
Current Non-Current Total Current Non-Current Total
Loans and other financial receivables 834 266 1,100 195 243 437
Debt investments 195 0 195 26 0 26
Equity investments 1 952 953 1 881 882
Available-for-sale financial assets 196 952 1,148 27 881 908
Derivatives 94 102 196 129 154 283
Investments in associates 0 38 38 0 58 58
Total 1,124 1,358 2,482 351 1,336 1,687

Loans and Other Financial Receivables

Loans and other financial receivables mainly consist of time deposits, investments in pension assets for which the corresponding liability is included in employee-related obligations (see Note (18b)), other receivables, and loans to employees and third parties. The majority of our loans and other financial receivables are concentrated in Germany.

As at December 31, 2016, there were no loans and other financial receivables past due but not impaired. We have no indications of impairments of loans and other financial receivables that are not past due and not impaired as at the reporting date. For general information about financial risk and the nature of risk, see Note (24).

Available-for-Sale Financial Assets

Our available-for-sale financial assets consist of debt investments in bonds of mainly financial and non-financial corporations and municipalities and equity investments in listed and unlisted securities, mainly held in U.S. dollars.

For more information about fair value measurement with regard to our equity investments, see Note (26).


Detailed information about our derivative financial instruments is presented in Note (25).

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