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Financial Performance Highlights

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Total Revenue (non-IFRS)

We use non-IFRS total revenue to measure the growth of our company.  


Operating Profit (non-IFRS)

We use non-IFRS operating profit to measure the profitability of our company.  


Cloud Subscriptions and Support Revenue (non-IFRS)

This revenue driver comprises the main revenues of our fast-growing cloud business.  


Cloud and Software Revenue (non-IFRS)

We use cloud and software revenue (non-IFRS) to measure our revenue growth.

What our customers are saying

Trenitalia uses SAP HANA Platform to analyze data coming from thousands of sensors aboard their trains in real-time, helping them improve maintenance processes and ultimately offer better customer service.

Our Financial Performance


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Review and Analysis

We discuss and analyse SAP's financial results in 2016.

Consolidated Financial Statements

You can view the consolidated financial statements for the year 2016 here.

Economy and the Market

We report on the global economy, the global software market, and their impact on SAP.
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