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Environmental Performance Highlights

We monitor and report a number of environmental KPIs against ambitious targets. You can view our financial, social, and environmental performance in interactive charts and customized results to your interests.
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Greenhouse Gas Footprint

One of our goals is to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operations to levels of the year 2000 by 2020.
11,800 kWh

Energy Consumption per employee

As our business grows, we have maintained the efficiency gains we have made over the past several years.  


Renewable Electricity

Our commitment to 100% renewable electricity in all of our data centers and facilities is one of the most significant steps toward making our operations more sustainable.

Total Energy Consumed

We have introduced initiatives to drive efficiency and innovation around buildings, data center operations, and infrastructure.

What our customers are saying

Stara CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, talks about how he leverages solutions from SAP throughout Stara’s business and even in their products to Run Live. As one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Stara strives to equip farmers with high-tech tools to maximize production and help feed the world

Our Environmental Performance


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Energy and Emissions

Over the past three years, our focus on carbon emissions has generated a cumulative cost avoidance of €155 million.

Waste and Water

Our waste and water strategy ensures that we minimize the impact SAP has on our environment.

Notes to Environmental Performance Reporting

Here you can read details about our environmental performance reporting.
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