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  • Organic growth is the primary driver of our growth strategy.
  • We anticipate targeted and “fill-in” technology and software acquisitions, but no significant business combinations.
  • Sapphire Ventures continues to invest in the potential next generation of technology leaders worldwide.

Focusing on Organic Growth and Targeting “Fill-in” Technology Through Acquisitions

As SAP prepares itself for the new digital economy, we may make acquisitions that advance our strategic goals. In 2015, SAP acquired Multiposting, a French cloud-computing company with more than 80 employees that provides software for the automatic posting of jobs and internships on the Internet. Multiposting is based in Paris and a European leader in job posting solutions. With this acquisition, SAP plans to offer customers the best end-to-end cloud recruiting suite on the market, including the ability to efficiently post jobs to a global network of thousands of channels. The Multiposting solution will be available as part of the existing recruiting offering in our human capital management portfolio as well as in all its current forms – as a stand-alone product, as a Web service, and through import.

Organic growth is the primary driver of our growth strategy. We will invest in our own product development and technology innovation, improving the speed, number of projects, and innovations brought to market. We may also acquire targeted and “fill-in” technology and software to add to our broad solution offerings and improve coverage in key strategic markets. By doing so, we strive to best support our customers’ needs for simplified operations. We do not anticipate significant acquisitions in 2016 or 2017.

For more information about our acquisitions, see the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements section, Note (4).

Investing in the Next Generation of Technology Leaders Through Venture Activities

Through investments in venture capital funds managed by Sapphire Ventures (formerly called SAP Ventures), which comprises our consolidated investments in venture funds, SAP supports investments in entrepreneurs worldwide that aspire to build industry-leading businesses. Over the past 19 years, Sapphire Ventures has invested in more than 130 companies on five continents. Some of these companies have been acquired by third parties or have become publicly listed companies.

Sapphire Ventures aims to invest in the next generation of global category technology leaders as well as early-stage venture capital funds in enterprise and consumer technology. Specifically, Sapphire Ventures pursues opportunities in which it can help fuel growth by adding expertise, relationships, geographic reach, and capital. It invests globally with a particular focus on emerging companies and early stage funds in Europe, Israel, and the United States, as well as in Brazil, China, and India.

SAP’s total commitment to Sapphire Ventures is US$1.4 billion for use over the lifetime of its respective funds. Investments through the funds are currently ongoing.

For more information about our consolidated investment funds, see the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements section, Note (34).

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