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Our Social View

We put our customers at the center of everything we do. It is our employees who are helping our customers succeed in the new digital economy. Therefore, we are fully committed to the people side of our business.

Our Social Performance Highlights

We monitor and report a number of social KPIs against ambitious targets. In 2015, we saw an increase in our Employee Engagement Index and Business Health Culture Index, while employee retention declined slightly.

View our financial, social, and environmental performance in interactive charts, to see results customized to your interests.

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On December 31, 2015, we had 76,986 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees worldwide (December 31, 2014: 74,406). This represents an increase in headcount of 2,579 FTEs in comparison to 2014.


Businees Health Culture Index

Our Business Health Culture Index assesses the degree to which our workplace culture supports people’s well-being, work/life balance, and organizational health. In 2015, we achieved a score of 75%, compared to 72% in 2014.


Employee Engagement Index

The Employee Engagement Index has increased again reaching 81% in 2015, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to 2014.


Employee Retention

Employee retention in 2015 was 91.8% (2014: 93.5%). High retention is something we are aiming for as reflected in our activities to drive high employee engagement.


Why Do the Social Metrics Matter?

Social Performance Details



Our people are our differentiator and are the drivers of our success.

Social Investment

To help support long-term economic development, SAP’s social investments focus on equipping the world’s youth with the skills they need to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy.

Notes to Social Performance

You can download the complete Notes to Social Performance as a PDF file.


See What Our Customers Are Saying


Effective corporate governance is critical to achieving our corporate goals and increasing our company’s value. Openness about the company’s corporate governance principles, practices, and structure is an important element in SAP’s policy.

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Business Conduct

We act to ensure that we live up to high ethical standards throughout SAP. Our policies govern the conduct of our management, employees, suppliers and partners, as well as critical areas of our business such as sales, vendor selection, and payroll.

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Human Rights

A signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2000, we believe that business has a responsibility to respect human rights throughout all business operations.

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Security and Privacy

While enabling our customers to run simple by tackling their biggest challenge of increasing complexity, they expect SAP to address threats to their on-premise software environments, as well as to their cloud and mobile services.

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