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Executives' trusted source for the latest trends, best practices, research, and insights about the innovation and technology forces shaping the future of business.


Data-driven, original insights on how technology innovation affects business, economic, and social issues to inform and inspire the way you run your organization.

Sustainability: a business process power-up

Survey respondents say they are embedding sustainability into their business processes at the deepest levels, not because they have to, but because it gets results.

The changing mission of learning and development

We’re in the midst of a once-in-a-generation change in the ways people work. Learning and development has the opportunity to make it a change for the better.

The Passionates: values and emotions will shape the future of business

How much should you care about an especially demanding minority of your market? A lot if they’re in the group we’ve dubbed the Passionates.


In-depth articles about how trends, innovation, technology, and leadership affect business.

The circular economy goes mainstream

The circular economy is no longer just a lofty theory – it’s become a set of practices that companies are using today to improve performance.

Why smarter tech integration is critical to M&A success

Digital assets and skills are the targets of today’s merger and acquisition mania. Here are five strategies to avoid IT pitfalls and deliver the full value.

Gamification helps our employees learn cybersecurity

At SAP, we build immersive game worlds such as escape rooms and haunted houses to make training stick. Here’s what we’ve learned.


Explore today's tech terms defined in simple language, along with practical tips and guidance to help your business thrive.

What is ERP?

A modern cloud-based ERP system is a critical tool of any business transformation effort. Learn all the basics in this guide to enterprise resource planning.

All about human capital management (HCM)

Today’s HR teams are at the core of some powerful shifts in the way your teams work, and how employers and employees engage with each other and do their jobs.

Introducing low-code / no-code

Easy-to-use tools are giving power to business users, who can now develop applications without writing code. Say hello to citizen developers.

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About SAP Insights

As an executive, you rely on unique and informed points of view to grow your understanding of complex topics and inform your decisions. And you expect that content to be based on evidence and solid reporting – not opinions.


That’s what SAP Insights is all about.


It’s a home for sharing with (and learning from) you not only what is coming next in digital business, but also what to do about it. We combine data-driven research with knowledge from you and your peers, as well as experts and leading thinkers from around the world. The results of this collaboration are new ideas and proven practices that improve the way organizations run. We promise no sales pitches. No marketing fluff. No “insider” technical jargon. Just compelling insights about business and technology. 


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