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Life Sciences

How do you innovate for better patient outcomes when your margins are squeezed? Discover life sciences solutions from SAP.

Digital transformation in life sciences

Digital technologies are key to innovation – in pharmaceutical engineering, medical device manufacturing, and other life sciences industries.

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AI and new life sciences technologies

Pharma 4.0 uses digital technologies – such as AI, IoT, and blockchain – to connect patients and systems for greater visibility and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical and medical device regulations

To follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and meet medical device regulations, in-depth operational visibility is key.

Targeted cell and gene therapies

Complex to manufacture and deliver, these new therapies require a standardized platform that enables efficiency and scale.

Sustainability in pharmaceuticals

Sustainability is good business. Recyclable packaging and sustainable materials sourcing can protect brands and drive growth. 

Biotech and pharma partnerships

Collaborative partnerships and alliances can lead to rapid breakthroughs as evidenced by cooperation on COVID-19 vaccines. 

Innovative solutions for the life sciences industry from SAP and our partners

Solutions that address the specific needs of the life sciences industry help you achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.


Transform your pharmaceutical company with intelligent cloud ERP. You can use characteristic-based segmentation to match supply and demand, control materials, and more. 

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Simplify the distribution of medicines, reduce the cost of master data management, and automatically comply with drug serialization and country-specific regulations. 

SAP Business Network for Procurement

Maximize visibility into spend and identify potential supply shortages before they occur. You can improve contract negotiations and collaborate with multiple supplier tiers. 

SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management

Support more clinical trials – and more complex trial designs – with cloud software from SAP. The solution helps you reduce clinical supply chain cycle times and rapidly adapt to change.

SAP Batch Release Hub for Life Sciences

Automate batch release processes for medical devices and products. You can quickly align with regulatory needs by harmonizing quality data from different sources.

SAP Information Collaboration Hub

Provide a secure network to exchange large amounts of serialization data between MAHs, CMOs, 3PLs, and various regulatory reporting bodies.


Simplified batch releases

Bring products to market faster with automated batch release processes.

What are the leading analysts saying about SAP?

Incorporate sustainability into operations

Life sciences organizations are prioritizing sustainability during their digital transformations. Discover the benefits with insight from SAP and Oxford Economics.

Leveraging digital solutions to increase resiliency

The life sciences industry has seen immense shifts that have transformed the way it operates. Learn how it has handled disruptions with digital technologies.

Driving customer-centric and sustainability improvements

Explore initiatives and projects that leverage software technology to transform internal processes for life sciences companies.

Explore how we can help your life sciences business run better


Boost profits with tighter R&D. Our solutions include advanced analytics for clinical, sensor, and other Big Data, facilitating personalized medicine and new drug and medical device development.

  • Clinical trial management 
  • Product and project delivery management
  • Compliance with evolving regulations
  • Collaborative development of innovative products

Greater production control through better materials planning and supplier and inventory tracking.

Source: Seutic Pharma

Every minute we allow our R&D organization to focus on the science has an exponential impact on bringing transformative medicines and treatments to society.

David Dubowski, Head of R&D Finance, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG


Get real-time visibility across your pharma or medical device supply chain. You can optimize inventories, track drugs and devices, and prevent counterfeiting while achieving compliance with global regulations. 

  • Insight-led demand plans 
  • Batch management of drug recalls
  • Demand management
  • Automated warehouse management 
  • Support for complex transportation and logistics

Real-time batch tracing and inventory tracking.

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking

SAP BW bridge for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a complete game changer. The cloud architecture allows us to simplify our landscape. We are also seeing significant improvements in our performance.

Iaroslav Korzh, SAP Technology Manager, Nipro Europe Group Companies


Step up to smart pharma, biotech, and medical device manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies. You can increase efficiency, protect margins, and take advantage of embedded compliance and best practices. 

  • Production capacity management
  • Built-in compliance with GMP and sustainability guidelines 
  • Synchronized manufacturing and business operations
  • Collaborative equipment and asset management
  • Performance tracking with standard and custom KPIs

95% of the most innovative life sciences companies in the world run SAP solutions.

Source: SAP Fast Facts

We were looking for a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution that is modularly expandable, technically scalable, and can meet global UDI requirements. The p36 solution was clearly ahead in all of these areas and is built on the viable, trusted SAP Business Technology Platform.

Sebastian Deeg, Head of Information Technology, RAUMEDIC AG


Gain full visibility into spend and supplier performance. Our solutions can help you improve the quality of incoming materials, reduce cost and risk, and manage complex contracts and statements of work. 

  • Contract and supplier compliance management
  • Global business network for sourcing
  • Material requirements management
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Contingent workforce management 

Faster contracting with supplier assortments, prices, parties, terms, and transactions in one system.


Thanks to Techedge and SAP Services and Support, we’ve configured the guided buying capability of SAP Ariba solutions, digitalizing supplier relationship management and simplifying procurement processes with tools to guide ourpeople to preferred buying channels.

Francesco La Nave, Chief Procurement Officer, Alfasigma S.p.A.


Create a consistent and engaging experience across channels. With outstanding service, you can personalize pharmaceutical and medical device marketing and turn patients and caregivers into advocates.

  • Data-driven customer insights and decisions
  • Personalized experiences across the journey
  • Consent-based marketing practices
  • Omnichannel sales and e-commerce
  • Mobile apps for field service support

Gained the ability to offer personalized offers and sales to customers based on customer history stored in SAP solutions, which reduces customer costs while encouraging greater sales.

Source: PharmaOverseas

RISE with SAP guided our digital transformation with analytical and enabling tools and services, accelerating our move to SAP S/4HANA. This represents a paradigm shift for our business, helping us accelerate decision-making with data-driven insights.

Sohail Sawani, Deputy Director Supply Chain and Information, Technology, Genix Pharma (Private) Limited

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SAP Business Network in the life sciences sector

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