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Energy Supply Optimization

Optimize your energy supply chain by integrating processes and information

Keep your energy supply chain running at peak performance and make more informed decisions with full transparency and control over processes and costs.
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Capital Portfolio and Project Management

Increase transparency across capital portfolio and project management to reach organizational goals.

Fuel Management

Support consistent, coherent fuel management for the entire supply chain on an integrated platform.

Scheduling and Load Management

Track and optimize energy quantities along the value chain by managing data within a central system.

Capital Portfolio and Project Management

Optimize capital ROI and balance risks and rewards by improving visibility and delivering targeted, objective perspectives to the right audience.
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SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Complete quality work on schedule and within budget with project portfolio management software that gives you robust tools to centrally manage the full project lifecycle, from forecasting and planning to tracking and accounting.

SAP Enterprise Project Connection

Gain an end-to-end view of your portfolio and project management environment with access to all relevant project information – integrated from back-end systems, such as finance and HR – in one solution that’s easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

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Capital Portfolio Management

Optimize asset efficiency by aligning corporate strategy with asset portfolio initiatives company-wide.

Capital Project Management

Oversee the complete lifecycle of capital projects with centralized planning, management, and accounting.

Monitoring of Capital Investments

Increase visibility and align capital investments with your portfolio strategy to ensure project success.

Project Connectivity

Establish an accurate and reliable single source of truth by automating processes and synchronizing data.

Fuel Management

Drive revenue and reduce operational issues, rework, and reconciliations by coordinating the supply chain with visibility, decision support, and automation.
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Become a best-run business by connecting people, business networks, the Internet of Things, and Big Data with our real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital business that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

SAP Commodity Risk Management

Identify, quantify, and mitigate exposure to commodity price and foreign exchange risks with commodity risk management software that provides robust analytics to view risk positions, calculations of mark to market, and value at risk.

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Fuel Procurement

Support flexible prices by pricing commodities based on quotes and automating price calculations.

Fuel Inventory Management

Streamline the processing and tracking of all fuel movements and inventory positions for greater control.

Fuel Transportation

Support operational scheduling, nomination, tracking, and inventory projections for fossil fuel movement.

Quality Management

Improve quality inspections and reduce costs by gaining an integrated view across the supply chain.

Commodity Risk Management

Get insight into risk positions, calculations of mark to market, and value at risk with superior analytics. 

Scheduling and Load Management

Manage time-series-based energy data within a central system to support energy procurement and distribution grid balancing, reconciliation, and settlement.
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Energy Portfolio Management

Achieve affordable energy procurement in a volatile energy market with energy portfolio management.

Energy Data Management

Improve the effectiveness of energy data management through integrated time-series processing.

Distribution Grid Balancing

Comply with legal requirements by creating a collaborative regulatory process for distribution grid balancing.

Reconciliation and Settlement of Balancing Groups

Execute the reconciliation of balancing groups across market participants in preparation for settlement.

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of organizations use standardized templates to drive project management process maturity.

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reduced operating effort for billing and invoicing, due to integrated data.

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of companies invest in eco-efficiency to reduce environmental impact.

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