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Woman with a clipboard, managing cargo, transportation, and logistics processes

Cargo, Transportation, and Logistics

Transform your supply chain with our transportation and logistics software. Cut costs, increase efficiency, and grow revenue.

Digital transformation in logistics and cargo transport

Industry leaders are using smart solutions to cut costs and boost efficiency, while providing the speed, visibility, and sustainability customers demand. 

Cargo, Transportation and Logistics  topics and trends
New transportation and logistics technology

AI, predictive analytics, and the Internet of Things are being used to optimize logistics strategies, reduce costs, and improve service. 

Green transportation and logistics

Smart freight companies are transforming their supply chains to reduce environmental impact – efficiently, cost-effectively, sustainably. 

Increased competition for talent

Cargo companies are tackling the labor crunch by digitalizing, automating, and using analytics to recruit, train, and monitor workers. 

Faster cash-to-cash cycle time

Event-based billing continuously matches costs and revenues, reduces disputes and unpaid invoices – and creates reports automatically. 

Smart asset and infrastructure management

Digitalizing assets and infrastructure helps companies improve maintenance, efficiency, and profitability – and achieve environmental goals. 

Featured cargo, transportation, and logistics solutions


Enable your digital supply chain with a comprehensive ERP system that incorporates built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

SAP Business Network for Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets by collecting, sharing, and tracking equipment usage information across your network with enterprise asset management software.

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

Drive employee performance with data-driven insights, gain insights into employee experiences, track workforce productivity, and improve efficiency and compliance by automating HR processes.


By integrating your entire order lifecycle with software for cargo operations from SAP, you can gain a 360-degree view of your customer, access timely and accurate information, and enable precision in service delivery to meet customer demands. What’s more, you can benefit from fewer disputes and reduce days sales outstanding.

  • Support for the commercial process from booking to settlement
  • Holistic inbound and outbound freight management
  • Comprehensive environment management
  • Intercompany logistics collaboration

50% of reduced asset downtime possible with real-time analysis.

Source: Gulftainer Company

SAP S/4HANA enables a more efficient, cost-effective movement of international business through our terminals, providing the actionable data necessary to increase productivity and enhance customer experiences.

Vinay Sharma, Group IT Director, Gulftainer Company Limited


With SAP solutions, you can reduce costs, improve data accuracy, and optimize the return on assets through integrated business planning, portfolio prioritization and governance, and capital project management. In addition, asset information management solutions provide a holistic view of asset data while data governance processes improve control.

  • Asset performance analysis
  • Collaboration on asset information management
  • Predictive maintenance

89% of the most innovative travel and transportation companies in the world run SAP solutions.

Source: Forbes


SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions will help us maximize productivity in maintenance activities and reduce maintenance costs – helping us deliver a quality customer experience.

Urs Gehrig, Senior Consultant Business Development, SBB AG


By leveraging data and advanced analytics, your transportation company can gain greater financial insight and control through a faster, compliant financial close. Our innovative solutions can help empower your finance teams to transform into business leaders to give your corporate enterprise a competitive edge.

  • Financial performance management
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Data management

100% of the greenest travel and transportation companies in the world run SAP solutions.

Source: Newsweek



Whether it’s direct or indirect spend, external workforce costs, or travel expenses, our spend management solutions can help you effectively managing spend across all categories to control expenditure throughout the cargo and transportation supply chain.

  • External workforce management
  • Contract and supplier compliance
  • Integration between invoice processing and accounts payable
  • Source determination for indirect materials
  • Enterprise performance management

500% reduction in the number of tariff lines due to the standardization and simplification of pricing processes.

Source: DTDC Express Limited


SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management enable our sales and accounts teams to work faster and more efficiently. Meanwhile, the software provides the flexibility and discipline we need to manage and grow a profitable business.

Santosh Abbimane, Chief Financial and Transformation Officer, DTDC Express Limited


With human resources solutions from SAP, you can motivate your total workforce by putting people at the center of your transformation to an intelligent enterprise. Our solutions help you provide engaging experiences designed to improve people performance and business results.

  • Agile support for HR processes
  • Engaging user experiences
  • Employee-centric solutions

95% completion rate of performance reviews for managers.

Source: Keolis Group


With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, HR processes are more standardized across operating units and we can access information more easily, for faster and better decision-making.

Bertrand Coupin, HRIS, Keolis Group

Get started with SAP's cloud solutions for cargo, transportation, and logistics

SAP can help you start or enhance your cargo, transportation, and logistics digital transformation – no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, you can get started with the RISE with SAP solution. If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any other vendor – you can enhance your cargo, transportation, and logistics capabilities with our industry cloud solutions. 


RISE with SAP provides customers with complete business transformation as a service (BTaaS) in a single package. At its core is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, business process intelligence, technology credits, and more. RISE with SAP also includes solutions for:

  • New revenue streams, reduced time to market, increased customer lifetime value, and more upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Increased sourcing savings, efficient cash conversion cycle, and enabled intelligent and autonomous processes
  • Optimized environment impact, a more-resilient and circular value chain, reduced waste, and improved compliance
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, increased agility, reduced business and technology risk, and improved decision-making

Industry cloud solutions

Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform, SAP’s industry cloud solutions address specific industry needs for the cargo, transport, and logistics sector. Designed to work with your existing SAP and third-party systems, these specialized cloud applications can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Cloud-based cargo, transport, and logistics solutions 
  • Innovative technology from SAP and our partners
  • Straightforward integration with existing systems
  • Extension of your current investments

Featured cloud solutions for cargo, transportation, and logistics

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

Boost the transparency of revenue management with scalable, flexible, and automated software for billing, invoicing, and revenue management.

Cogniac Visual Operations Intelligence

Maximize the value of visual data by using an image recognition platform to help improve quality and agility across manufacturing and logistics, including increasing mill yield with automated truckload inspection.

Flexinergy Energy and Environment Portfolio Software Suite

Deploy a dedicated ERP for utilities, energy-intensive companies, cities, ports, and airports, enabling financial and technical efficiency on a multi-commodity, multi-site, and multi-country basis.

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