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Reimagine your supply chain

Build a resilient and sustainable supply chain with an agile technology platform using the latest technology innovations.

Reinvent manufacturing with an innovation platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) can empower your enterprise with the technologies to deliver individualised products at scale, improve asset performance, and automate supply chain processes while prioritizing sustainability.

Customer-centric focus

  • Adapt processes to your business needs to quickly deliver high-quality, personalised products to market

Maximum visibility and performance

  • Respond quickly with real-time insights using live data from across your enterprise

Frictionless supply chain

  • Connect your workflows from design to operate with prebuilt integrations and APIs

Sustainable processes

  • Minimise waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and create transparency at every step in your supply chain processes

Enable visibility and confidence in your supply chain

With SAP BTP, you can combine the latest technologies, such as AI, automation, and the IoT, with supply chain processes to respond quickly to new opportunities and protect your employees and planet.

Personalise products and boost productivity with Industry 4.0 technologies

  • Automate workflows and adapt business processes as supply chain needs evolve

Application development and automation allows you to: 

  • Build new apps and enhance existing apps and processes quickly with low-code or no-code capabilities to tailor solutions to your unique business needs
  • Increase productivity with unified user experiences across all apps and processes
  • Access insights anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce human errors and redundancies, allowing users to focus on what matters most 
  • Deliver an unmatched customer experience with 24x7 chatbots that automate tasks, guide users, and answer common questions

Maximise visibility, insights, and performance across the enterprise

Create a unified view into your supply chain using real-time insights and predictions based on live sensor data from products, factories, and assets.

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud allow you to:

  • Gain strategic insights with a unified view from design to operation 
  • Extend operational, strategic, and financial plans across the business 
  • Predict digital supply chain performance with AI-driven insights

Strengthen supply chain resilience with SAP solutions

In times of supply chain disruption, you can help ensure business continuity by synchronising supply chain planning in real time with SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain.

Sense, predict, and respond to disruptions and new opportunities 

Synchronise and execute high-level and detailed plans by eliminating silos and combining production, network, and distribution using integration technologies and prebuilt integrations.

SAP Integration Suite allows you to:

  • Deliver frictionless processes by connecting SAP and third-party apps using more than 2,500 pre-built integrations
  • Unlock data and services securely with API management and event-based integration
  • Provide superior customer service across experiences by connecting field service and other applications, such as SAP S/4HANA

Run sustainably

Build breakthrough applications to minimise waste across design-to-operate processes, reduce your carbon footprint, create transparency into your sourcing, and protect the planet.

SAP Business Technology Platform allows you to:

  • Provide visibility into every one of your supply chain processes to help ensure ethical sourcing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting
  • Reduce food waste by accurately predicting demand using forecasting algorithms powered by machine learning


Explore SAP BTP use cases to help support your supply chain needs

Choose from business use cases that showcase the business value and outcomes SAP BTP can help supply chain management teams achieve as well as technical use cases that provide your IT and development teams with the guidance and information to implement our use cases.

Make smarter supply chain decisions with greater visibility into channel partner inventory

SAP BTP provides a comprehensive view of a supplier’s channel partner inventories. That helps streamline supply chain management and deliver superior customer services.

Tackle supply chain disruptions with one view for all

Consolidate systems, increase visibility, and reduce duplicate work with a unified view of purchase and sales orders accessible to all relevant teams.

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