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Reimagine your supply chain

Build a risk-resilient and sustainable suply chain with an agile platform using the latest technology innovations.

Shift from reacting to predicting

Swiftly respond to rapidly changing connected world and recover from supply chain disruptions faster with SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions and SAP Business Technology Platform. Scale delivery with a full complement of Industry 4.0 technologies and a vibrant partner ecosystem. 


Synchronise planning company-wide 

  • Plan for change with real-time insights and planning data from across your enterprise

Connect every process

  • Integrate design, planning, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance and service processes with SAP ERP and ecosystem partners

Run sustainably 

  • Operationalize sustainability at every step of the process to consistently reduce emissions, waste, and environmental impact

Manage risk and build confidence in your supply chain

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) complements digital supply chain solutions from SAP and brings together analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one, unified environment. 

Adapt quickly with integrated supply chain and financial planning 

Eliminate data disconnects and process silos

Build breakthrough applications to minimise waste across design-to-operate processes

Explore SAP BTP use cases to help support your supply chain needs

Choose from business use cases that showcase the business value and outcomes SAP BTP can help supply chain management teams achieve as well as technical use cases that provide your IT and development teams with the guidance and information to implement our use cases.

Make smarter supply chain decisions with greater visibility into channel partner inventory

SAP BTP provides a comprehensive view of a supplier’s channel partner inventories. That helps streamline supply chain management and deliver superior customer services.

Tackle supply chain disruptions with one view for all

Consolidate systems, increase visibility, and reduce duplicate work with a unified view of purchase and sales orders accessible to all relevant teams.

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