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Data and Analytics

Give data purpose and transform your data strategy.

Give data purpose with SAP data and analytics solutions

Why SAP data and analytics solutions

This video highlights the key business values SAP data and analytics solutions bring to organisations around the world, resulting in trusted insights and more impactful decision making.

Maximise the value of SAP data for more impactful decisions

  • Utilise the complete context of your most-valuable enterprise data
  • Enrich your SAP landscape with easy access to all the other data you need 


Deliver trusted insights on a modern data stack

  • Give business users flexibility and IT peace of mind with self-service access to governed data
  • Accelerate deployments with prepackaged best practices for your function or industry

Extend planning and analysis across your enterprise

  • Create aligned plans that are seamlessly integrated with enterprise applications from SAP
  • Increase collaboration across all teams that contribute to the success of your organisation  


Data and Analytics value calculator

Quantify the economic impact of implementing SAP data and analytics solutions

Maximise the value of your data

With SAP data and analytics solutions, you can get the most value from your data, deliver trusted insights, and extend planning and analysis across your enterprise.


Modernize your data foundation with database technology that runs transactions and analytics on multi-model data at petabyte scale and with integrated multi-tier storage, all provided in one solution.

Data management

Provide a set of tools to identify, gather, analyse, and make available the most context-relevant data throughout your enterprise.

Analytics and planning

Give people the power to discover, plan, and act on real-time insights with AI-powered planning and analytics combined with a trusted semantic layer.

Data and Analytics Solutions


Brings together analytics and planning

Drive agile decisions with integrated planning and analysis

Provide contextual insights

Derive unique insights from your most important data.

Achieve more with a complete solution

Create bleeding edge analytics with a complete solution.


Power applications and analytics with one solution

Build and run high-performance transactional applications and real-time analytics at petabyte scale

Seamlessly blend multi-model data

Converge relational, graph, spatial, and document store and develop smart applications with embedded machine learning

Manage data more efficiently with integrated multi-tier storage

Process mission-critical data at proven in-memory speed and provide trusted performance for all data needs


Access semantically rich data wherever it resides 

Model any data from anywhere without losing context.

Manage data and sharing without compromise

Allow business users to transform data into insight and govern data.

Innovate in the cloud by leveraging existing investments

Reuse existing SAP skill sets and on-premise data models. 


Process distributed data

Evolve data integration to data orchestration by using an enterprise data fabric.

Deliver high-value data

Transform all forms of data into business insights with enterprise data management.

Know your data

Discover, classify, profile, understand, and prepare all your data through an enterprise data catalog.


Establish a comprehensive system of master data management

Allow the consolidation, central governance, and data quality management of master data.

Address digital, analytical, and operational challenges

Get a unified, trusted view of master data across all data domains.

Accelerate time to value

Leverage prebuilt data models, business rules, workflows, roles, and industry-specific content.


Data Management solutions from SAP

Solutions that help you manage, govern, integrate, and optimise enterprise data.

Hot topics for data and analytics leaders

Listen to a discussion on the state of analytics today

Two of the industry’s most experienced thought leaders, with a deep background in enterprise data and business intelligence, have an edgy conversation about where we are, how we got here, and what is shaping the future.

Resetting the clock on data analytics

It’s time to map out a path to a more insightful, expansive, and sustainable future. Read this eBook to learn the five essential capabilities of a modern data and analytics stack.

See how customers are succeeding with data and analytics from SAP

66% lower technology infrastructure costs

Discover how Costain predicts complex project plans using data intelligence in the cloud for machine learning-based modelling.

>77% accuracy in explaining abnormal events

Motor Oil Group harnesses sensor data and uses it to continuously monitor equipment health and predict potential malfunctions.

Real-time, data-driven decision-making

Hyundai Elevator simplifies its data landscape using one source of truth with integrated data warehousing and analytics solutions.

Efficiency, performance, and intelligence

Porsche successfully modernized its entire data landscape to achieve greater levels of efficiency across the business.

Improved error detection in legacy reporting and KPIs

Steinbeis Papier used sensor data to identify the need for a better approach to oversight and anomaly detection.

Faster insights for data-driven decision-making

Near-real-time analysis capabilities provides the foundation for machine learning and predictive algorithms to innovate.

Faster reporting and planning processes

Learn how Ecobat uses SAP Analytics Cloud to get high-speed, advanced analytics from a single data set on SAP HANA Cloud.

Split second decision making

Learn how Team Liquid, uses SAP data and analytics solutions, such as SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, to make split second decisions and gain the edge to win.

Data and analytics solutions from SAP have been recognised by TrustRadius in Top Rated and Best of Award categories

TrustRadius recognises top software solutions based on user feedback as a leading independent research and review platform. Decision makers across industries turn to TrustRadius to find unbiased perspectives from real customers when searching for the right software for their needs.

See why Jan Frodeno runs SAP to compete at his best

Meet our data and analytics ambassador

SAP has partnered with Jan Frodeno, a gold-winning triathlete, as he shares similar values as SAP – striving for success by going the extra mile and always being willing to adapt and take on new challenges. Jan is also known for his meticulousness, professionalism, and pioneering role in the use of data through the latest technologies.

Explore what you can do with analytics

Plan to win with extended planning and analysis

Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) brings all people and plans together to increase your agility and performance.

Unlock the value of data and analytics

Our playbook for agile data and analytics provides guidance to identify your priority requirements and key analytic patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data and analytics encompasses the management of data for all uses (operational and analytical) and the analysis of data to improve business outcomes through effective decision-making. When your organisation is defining its digital strategy and transformation, data and analytics should be an integral element. 

Our data and analytics solutions can help you easily integrate, model, manage, and use data from anywhere. Because our solutions maintain the context of SAP data, you can get maximum value out of your data to drive the most impactful business decisions. SAP data can be enriched with any third-party data on an open, modern data stack that delivers trusted insights. Because our data and analytics solutions include planning capabilities, insights and predictions can be quickly transformed into action plans that are extended across the enterprise, bringing finance and operations into alignment.

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