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Sustainability and ESG reporting solutions

Connect your environmental, social, and financial data holistically to steer your business toward better decisions.

Build trust and transparency with sustainable reporting

Move beyond financial measures to have full visibility into the consequences of your business actions – adding an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimension to finance reporting through embedded and validated real-time data.

SAP solutions offer visibility across lines of business to:

  • Gain insights required to comply with new regulations
  • Safeguard your business license to operate
  • Meet stakeholder expectations and cut costs

Cloud solutions from SAP enable the velocity required to:

  • Execute large-scale transformations based on sustainable and ESG reporting
  • Measure and value environment and social dimensions quickly and effectively
  • Accelerate the shift toward an inclusive, low-carbon, and circular economy

Together, with SAP customers are driving corporate sustainability

Transforming sustainability management and reporting

Find out how companies like EY can model, calculate, simulate, and report taxes and business scenarios in near-real time with SAP Profitability and Performance Management and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Improve decision-making with corporate sustainability and ESG reporting solutions

Become a sustainable intelligent enterprise by measuring both the positive and negative impacts of your business activity that result in balanced decisions and holistic business success.​

Enterprise sustainability performance management

Improve your ESG reporting, transparency, and sustainability performance through holistic steering and reporting.

  • Source and integrate data from SAP and non-SAP applications into a central sustainability data warehouse
  • Report along multiple standards such as GRI, SASB, IBC, WEF, and more
  • Engage in sustainable strategic decision-making, and understand the impact of your actions on people, planet, and profits.

Synchronised supply chain planning

Help ensure business continuity in times of supply chain disruption by synchronising supply chain planning in real time.

  • Model across locations and multilevel bills of material
  • Consider capacity and material constraints simultaneously
  • Create an operational supply plan with prioritization rules

Governance and business integrity protection

Improve your business's governance, mitigate fraud risk, and safeguard business continuity by identifying anomalous activity quickly with flexible rule sets and predictive analytics that help uncover potential fraud patterns.

  • Screen business partners
  • Track governance related metrics for your ESG activites
  • Perform exception detection and compliance checks

Closing the green gap

How network effects impact corporate sustainability by Oxford Economics

Supporting and industry solutions for sustainability and ESG reporting

Manage risk and performance

Gain actionable insights into supplier's environmental, social, and ethical risks with intuitive scorecards and business sustainability ratings.

Collaborative planning with FP&A software

Create strategic alignment across all departments, crowdsource plans across the enterprise, and empower FP&A teams.

Steer sustainability performance

Achieve performance and profitability objectives through connected tools that offer advanced, flexible modelling, automation, and real-time analysis. 

Connect data to practices

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unifies data and analytics in a multi-cloud solution for a data-driven sustainable enterprise.

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Kick-start your sustainability strategy

Join the growing number of companies that are taking steps to achieve greater environmental sustainability. Don’t miss out. Let SAP help you start building sustainable and profitable practices into your company’s business operations.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic steering and reporting is when enterprises measure both the positive and negative impacts of their business activity on people and the planet to steer balanced decisions and achieve holistic, sustainable business success.

ESG is a strategic approach and evaluation of a business' collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. It is typically a score that is compiled from data collected surrounding specific metrics related to intangible assets within the enterprise.

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