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What is SAP HANA?


Key benefits of SAP HANA

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Reduce Complexity

Simplify IT with ONE platform for trans-analytic applications.  Use SAP HANA to analyse live data to support real-time business, while reducing data redundancy, footprint, hardware, and IT operations.

Run Anywhere

Modernize your data centre with flexible SAP HANA deployment options – public or private
cloud, tailored data centre, or 1000+ certified appliance configurations from 13 leading vendors.    

Real Results

Achieve better business outcomes with SAP HANA.  Learn how companies are seeing 575% five-year ROI by using SAP HANA to increase innovation, while decreasing data management costs.

Key capabilities of SAP HANA

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SAP HANA transforms database management. It processes transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy – to deliver real-time insights from live data. And simplify operations with modern tools and a secure, rock-solid foundation.
SAP HANA transforms data management. Access quality data wherever it best resides using data virtualisation, integration or replication.  Manage data across multi-tier storage to achieve best performance and total cost of ownership.
SAP HANA transforms analytic intelligence. Use advanced data processing for business, text, spatial, graph, and series data in one system to gain unprecedented insight. And deliver deeper insights using powerful machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.
SAP HANA transforms application services. Quickly prototype, validate, build, and deliver smart and modern applications using flexible development and deployment tools – in the cloud or on premise.

Real-time Response with a Data-Driven Solution Powered by SAP HANA


Run Live with SAP HANA

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Dynamic Maintenance Management System Powered by SAP HANA

Trenitalia uses SAP HANA to analyse data coming from thousands of sensors aboard their trains in real-time, helping them improve maintenance processes and ultimately offer better customer service.

City Government of Buenos Aires: Staying Dry with Help from SAP Solutions

Using the SAP HANA Platform to analyse real-time sensor data from storm drains and SAP Mobile Platform to ensure streets and drains are clear, Buenos Aires is well prepared to mitigate risks caused by heavy rains.

Transforming the Way of Doing Business with SAP Leonardo

With the help of SAP’s Leonardo portfolio, Cisco has been able to identify over a $1 billion of new business opportunities and provide a more personalised sales experiences for its customers.

Innovate and modernize with SAP HANA



Based on 10 organisations surveyed, IDC projects that SAP HANA can help yield an average five-year ROI of 575%, and break even in an average of nine months. Learn more through the IDC whitepaper and IDC Webcast offerings below.
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Read the IDC Report that will explore:

  • Delivering better business outcomes and more efficient operations
  • Business value of SAP HANA quantified through the interviews of 10 organisations
  • IDC analysis and recommendation for higher revenue and cost-effective operations

Watch the IDC Webcast that will explore:

  • Applying real-time insights and robust, data-driven services
  • Sharing data through analytics and innovative applications
  • Identifying operational costs and reducing IT inefficiencies 


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Putting Machine Learning to Work in Your Enterprise

Listen to the TDWI webcast on how machine learning can be leveraged together with the power of in-memory to access, analyse and find patterns in big data in a way beyond human capabilities.

Simplify application development with in-memory computing

IT and software development professionals view in-memory computing as a viable option to increase simplicity and real-time performance. Discover how in-memory computing can spur the creation of custom-built applications to meet distinctive needs and enable integration across the enterprise.

From Data to Insight: Secrets of Success in the Digital Economy

Data is the foundation for Digital Transformation. Hear from Constellation Research CEO, Ray Wang, on the topic of data insights and the importance of a Data Platform. 

Gain value from solutions that leverage

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Built on SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation business suite designed to help customers thrive in the digital era. Digitize and simplify your processes – and provide a personalised user experience with the SAP Fiori UX.

  • Support innovation with reimagined business models
  • Choose your preferred deployment – cloud, on premise, or hybrid
  • Reduce TCO and increase flexibility

SAP Vora

SAP Vora is an in-memory, massively distributed data processing engine that allows you to analyse Big Data stored in Hadoop. Use it to gain real-time, relevant insights that support faster and more informed decisions.
  • Process and analyse Big Data in Hadoop
  • Correlate Hadoop and SAP HANA data
  • Organise massive volumes of unstructured data



SAP BW/4HANA is an integrated data warehouse solution optimised to fully leverage the SAP HANA in-memory platform. SAP BW/4HANA dramatically simplifies development, administration and user interface of your data warehouse resulting in enhanced business agility. 
  • Simplify your data warehouse architecture
  • Integrate SAP and non-SAP apps and data into one logical data warehouse
  • Built for on premise and the cloud   
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Extend the Power of SAP HANA with Certified Partner Apps

Maximise your SAP HANA investment by leveraging over 450 partner-built applications that extend your digital core. Discover, try and buy applications on the SAP App Center.
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