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Features of SAP Marketing Cloud

Learn how the features of SAP Marketing Cloud can help you optimise business processes and achieve your strategic goals.

Dynamic Customer Profiling

Understand your customers like never before.


Trusted data management

Build trust with your customers by managing permissions and consent.

Complete customer profiles

Create complete customer profiles with data from every part of your organisation and third-party sources.

Intelligent insights

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain deeper insight into customer behaviours and desires.

Marketing Planning and Performance

Get everyone involved with making every campaign a success – and see the difference.


Fast access to information

Empower your marketers with greater transparency and access to marketing plans, campaigns, budgets, and performance.

Informed collaboration

Collaborate on campaigns across teams with everything you need to know centralised in one place, for everyone to see. 

Improved decision-making

Make data-driven decisions with a centralised view of planning and real-time budget control. 

Timely marketing outcomes

Manage all activities in the marketing calendar to ensure campaigns are planned and executed on time.

Audiences, Campaigns, and Journeys

Target and orchestrate cross-channel engagements accurately to deliver the personalised experiences customers expect.


Precise customer targeting

Find the best audience for your campaigns, and make sure they get the message at the right moment.

Personalised customer interactions

Deliver individualized customer experiences throughout the customer journey.

Well-defined audience segmentation

Discover and define microsegments with powerful, yet intuitive, segmentation capabilities.

Multichannel marketing campaigns

Design and execute multichannel campaigns to drive customer engagements and conversions.

Lead and Account-Based Marketing

Make collaboration between sales and marketing the bedrock of your business.


Seamless lead engagement

Generate and nurture high-quality leads from the moment you engage customers, then collaborate with sales to convert leads to revenue.

Meaningful sales activities

Share essential customer information and insights with sales and free them from administrative tasks to do what they do best – sell. 

Account-based marketing

Deploy an account-based marketing approach that puts the customer at the centre of the engagement. 

Marketing Analytics

Ensure effective marketing by leveraging the power of analytics.


Customer behaviour insights

Use the power of machine learning to gain deeper insights into customer behaviours to create personalised customer engagements.

Advanced data visualisation

Empower all marketers to make intelligent decisions with data visualisation tools that synthesize data into insights – from audience discovery to campaign performance.

Executive-level reports and insights

Deliver executive-level reports and insights – from budgets to customer sentiment – with a dashboard designed for marketing executives.

Informed marketing decisions

Integrate with SAP Analytics Cloud to gain real-time business intelligence and insights.

Release Highlights for SAP Marketing Cloud

Explore new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of SAP Marketing Cloud solutions.

See what we're planning next

Find out when we're going to update SAP Marketing Cloud solutions, and get insights into our release strategy.

Road Map for SAP Marketing Cloud

View our road map to explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions.

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