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SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

Simplify identity management and access governance with our cloud software

Centrally manage identities and optimise compliance processes across your enterprise – with SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance. This cloud governance solution can help you improve identity and access management (IAM) and deliver a seamless sign-on experience in complex environments.

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance: simple, seamless, and adaptive 

Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance will offer a range of services – the first of which is an access analysis service. These services are designed to work independently or in combination, so you can extend functionality as your business grows.

The solution will sit alongside and integrate with SAP Cloud Platform, identity authentication (providing SSO, single sign-on, capability) – which is designed for secure cloud-based authentication. Together they will help companies simplify identity and access management across cloud and on-premise software landscapes.


Simple access governance

Use an intuitive dashboard-driven interface to manage identities and access in real time. Comprehensive identity management and access governance capabilities help ensure secure access, while minimising access risk and the potential for financial loss.

Seamless user experience

Leverage a purpose-built, integrated suite of cloud services to deliver a seamless user experience in complex cloud and on-premise environments. Improve user productivity – and strengthen security procedures with a unified view of access profiles.

Adaptive and scalable

Easily adapt your identity and access governance capabilities to changing business environment, organisation, or user needs. Take advantage of automated, maintenance-free updates – and tightly control the consumption of your cloud services.


SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, access analysis service

Our cloud-based access analysis service helps administrators, auditors, and business users reduce the cost and complexity of access governance and compliance. It can deliver instant value with minimal upfront investment – and reduce ongoing costs. With the service, you can:
Improve access compliance
  • Run continuous access analysis and use real-time insights to ensure compliance
  • Leverage configurable, pre-defined access policies and rules
  • Dynamically update user access as business needs change
Intelligently optimise assignments
  • Improve the accuracy of user access assignments to optimise security and compliance
  • Use a dashboard-driven UI, visual prompts, and analytic intelligence to zero-in on business-critical issues
  • Make dynamic access changes and use guided remediation to quickly resolve access risks
Extend control and reduce risk
  • Extend access control to enterprise applications and users anywhere, on any device
  • Gain better visibility into your risk remediation and mitigation monitoring process
  • Simplify compliance with pre-configured audit reporting
  • Analyse segregation of duties (SoD) and critical access for on-premise and cloud systems
  • Use real-time insights to manage and reduce enterprise access risks as they arise
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