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Quickly consume latest SAP solutions in the cloud and innovate faster

SAP Cloud Appliance Library offers a quick and easy way to consume the latest SAP solutions in the public cloud - such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA Express Edition, industry solutions, model companies, etc. 

  • Cloud deployment 
  • Instant access to a library of SAP business solutions
  • Preconfigured test, demo, trial and development systems
  • Fully automated deployment into your public cloud account
  • Seamless integration with leading cloud providers

Product Demo

Adopt new innovations faster

See how you can quickly and easily consume the latest SAP solutions in the cloud – and learn how customers are accelerating their time to value.

Key Benefits

Simplify IT consumption

Quickly deploy the latest preconfigured SAP solutions directly into your own cloud account. 

Innovate faster

Accelerate time to value for your SAP projects and evaluate your business scenarios.

Optimise costs

Reduce your system provisioning costs and minimise the manual effort required for system setup.

Key Capabilities

Cloud provider integration

  • Integrate with leading cloud providers   
  • Choose the right provider to deploy and run your solution instances
  • Register and use multiple cloud accounts based on your business scenario

Quick-launch wizard

  • Get started in just a few clicks
  • Spin up solution instances in the cloud
  • Enjoy the intuitive SAP Fiori user experience
  • Switch quickly between basic and advanced modes

Expandable storage

  • Increase the default size of virtual machines for solution instances
  • Define new sizes based on project requirements

Flexible scheduling

  • Define your own operation schedule to optimise cloud provider costs
  • Reduce costs and accelerate time to value for your SAP solutions

Web management console

  • Manage and operate existing solution instances intuitively
  • Grant access to multiple users in your organisation

Technical Information

This cloud self-service solution offers a fully automated deployment into your public cloud accounts, letting you quickly spin-up and use the latest SAP solutions.

Getting started

Watch these e-learning videos and read the product FAQs to get started quickly with SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Deploying solutions

Get ready to deploy and use your preferred solutions once you’ve created and registered your cloud provider accounts within the tool. 

Pricing and Packaging

Built on the cloud and for the cloud, SAP Cloud Appliance Library is available through a monthly subscription, priced per instance, per month.

SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Get quick and easy access to the latest preconfigured SAP solutions to kick-start your projects and adopt SAP innovations faster.

  • Cloud self-service
  • Access to latest solutions
  • Automated deployment
  • Quick business value

SAP Cloud Appliance Library follows bring-your-own-license model, which requires valid product licenses to use a solution after expiration of the pre-installed temporary licenses. Solution types and pricing model

Start a free trial today

Try before you buy with a free 30-day trial period.

SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Once you’re ready, you can easily upgrade your trial instance to a paid subscription and continue using it for your projects.

Product Road Map

Learn about planned innovations

Discover what’s new with SAP Cloud Appliance Library. Explore our road map to learn about current options, planned innovations, and future product direction.

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