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Application Integration and Infrastructure Software

Implement, monitor, and manage application interfaces from a central location to simplify interface handling across your system landscape.

Build, deploy, monitor, analyse, and manage your application interfaces from a single, centralised location with the SAP Application Interface Framework tool.

  • On-premise deployment 
  • Monitor, analyse, and correct interface errors
  • Separate technical and application integration
  • Improve governance through role-based access 


Key Benefits

Simplify interface landscape and architecture

Manage your application interface logic in a structured way. Using a single tool, you can enable fast implementation, enforce guidelines, and reuse components.

Reduce time needed for error handling

Empower business users to monitor interfaces and troubleshoot issues without IT. Provide role-based access, automated alerts, and easy error handling.

Improve governance across your system landscape

Use role-based authorisations to control access and hide sensitive fields or structures from monitoring and error-handling operations.

Key Capabilities

Guided deployment of application interface logic

Enable technical users to quickly add logic to interfaces with a guided, template-based approach that offers predefined customisations.

Reuse of components across multiple interfaces

Implement interface logic in small, configurable components to enable reuse across multiple interfaces and technologies.

Standardised support for integration technologies

Establish an open architecture that supports a broad range of integration technologies, enabling the reuse of logic and customisation across interfaces.

Customisation of authorisations

Assign responsibility for certain parts of interfaces to business power-users, providing them with role-based monitoring and visibility into errors.

Simplified monitoring, alerts, and error handling

Alert users about errors; provide overviews, filtering, and drill-down capabilities; and enable easy error correction and mass error handling.

Build a business case

50% reduction in error processing time

See how SAP enables business users to adopt finance innovations faster by providing a simplified interface for error processing.


Licensing and purchasing

Pricing for SAP Application Interface Framework is determined by the number of transactions made. A transaction describes any message processed using the tool, whether application-to-application, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, business-to-government, or based on the Internet of Things. Customers can purchase blocks of one million transactions.

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