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SAP Sapphire News Guide 2022

Chapter 2: Sustainability: Moving Businesses from Talk to Action

The United Nations named the 2020s “the decade of action” on sustainability. Although companies are firming up plans that outline their goals and mission, many aren’t walking the talk. SAP’s scale, industry expertise, and growing portfolio of sustainability solutions make us uniquely positioned to help companies move from well-meaning talk to meaningful action.

The SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises solution offers new capabilities

SAP continues to innovate across key areas of enterprise sustainability management, carbon data exchange, and circular and regenerative business. New developments include:


  • Carbon data exchange: The SAP Product Footprint Management solution helps customers reduce their product carbon footprints at scale with live connectivity from SAP S/4HANA and now includes transport and travel capabilities. SAP Business Network for Logistics now supports customers in creating a model of each product’s “genealogy” to track CO2 and other values more accurately across the product lifecycle. SAP solutions participated in a first-time exchange of standardized emissions data between solutions from a range of leading technology providers in a major milestone for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
  • Circular and regenerative business: The SAP Responsible Design and Production solution helps customers manage obligations specified in the extended producer responsibility strategy. The solution has been extended to include plastic taxes, such as those recently implemented in the United Kingdom. In addition, it empowers customers to design out waste and pollution by enabling a full-lifecycle view of the impact of packaging design choices.


Learn more about SAP solutions for sustainability in this blog post.



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Taulia partners with EcoVadis to help build sustainable supply chains and SAP expands partnership with EcoVadis to add sustainability ratings to SAP Business Network

Taulia is partnering with sustainability-ratings provider EcoVadis SAS to inform customers of Taulia’s sustainable supplier finance solutions. Supply chains can account for 90% or more of a company’s environmental footprint. To drive meaningful sustainability impacts, companies need to look beyond their own operations and prioritize suppliers who align with their environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals. Bringing together the EcoVadis ratings platform with financing options from Taulia gives SAP customers a new way to drive change by creating financial incentives for suppliers to become ESG-rated, thereby improving ESG performance over time. Suppliers get the guidance and tools they need to improve. As they improve, they receive more favorable financing terms.


SAP and EcoVadis are expanding their existing partnership to enable trading partners to add EcoVadis sustainability medals to their marketing profiles on SAP Business Network. SAP Business Network buyers will be able to search and discover trading partners based on these ratings, enabling them to assess trading partners and take immediate action that impacts the sustainability of their value chains.


For a limited time, SAP customers who purchase the EcoVadis Business Intelligence Suite on the SAP Store online marketplace will receive the first 12 months of the EcoVadis Carbon Action Module subscription free of charge. To take advantage of this promotion, visit EcoVadis on SAP Store, select “Get it Now” beside the relevant option, and enter the code “SAPPHIRE2022" in the comments. This offer is valid for new quote enquiries received through SAP Store for the EcoVadis Business Intelligence Suite subscription service. Contracting and first invoice must be processed by June 30, 2022 to qualify.


Learn more about Taulia’s partnership with EcoVadis.


Learn more about SAP Business Network.



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SAP Customer Experience, in partnership with Feather by SAP, empowers brands to create and operate sustainable recommerce channels

The Feather by SAP solution (an SAP.iO venture) helps retailers create and operate sustainable recommerce business models. An alpha release of the new solution, which is now available, lets consumers trade in used goods and purchase preowned products, presenting new market and customer-acquisition opportunities for retail brands. It also contributes to a significant reduction in carbon footprints and landfill waste. The solution lets brands continue using their existing technology platforms so they can maintain the same brand experiences their customers expect regardless what channel their customers use.



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SAP.iO venture EverLoop by SAP revolutionizes e-waste management with transparency and traceability

The EverLoop by SAP solution is B2B waste-management software that helps customers tackle the world’s fastest-growing waste stream: e-waste. Now available in beta, this solution provides a single platform to connect manufacturers, retailers, and other organizations who seek to dispose their e-waste responsibly with certified disposal and recycling partners.


By digitalizing the entire disposal process, EverLoop by SAP lets companies track and trace their e-waste from the time it’s identified until it is fully recycled or refurbished. The personalized dashboard makes it simple to dig into details about how much e-waste has been recycled, what assets have been reused, and what data was recovered during the recycling process. This helps customers dispose of e-waste in a safe, responsible, and compliant manner.


Incubated in our SAP.iO business unit, EverLoop by SAP currently helps the IT team at SAP in India dispose of e-waste generated by SAP campuses across the country, lowering total cost of ownership. SAP’s IT benefits from a shorter turnaround time – from months to a matter of days – for end-to-end e-waste disposal thanks to reduced manual effort and less time spent obtaining competitive quotes from recyclers.



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SAP introduces the inclusive mind-set challenge on our project “Octopus”

Project “Octopus” built on SAP Business Technology Platform, hosts the Inclusive mind-set challenge, a diversity and inclusion program that delivers a steady stream of microlearnings and challenges to people, managers, and employees to encourage more inclusive ways of working. The platform lets participants learn, practice, and share experiences about inclusive behaviors with their peers. Gamification makes the process fun and engaging. It is one example of how SAP is investing in its employees to transform the human experience at work and evolve business beyond bias. The platform launched for all 105,000 SAP employees in April 2022 and plans are underway for a customer release.

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