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Register your App with an External API (Slack)


Register your App with an External API (Slack)

By Meredith Hassett

Add your app details to the external API app key management system


You will learn

Create a developer account on the API’s website. This will allow you to be able to get a developer key and track details about the API usage from your application.

Step 1: Go to Slack API Page

Go to Slack API Page. Feel free to browser the API information and available methods. When you are ready to start setting up your app on Slack, click Go to Slack.

Slack API main page
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Step 2: Login or Sign up for Slack

If you already have a team you can use as a development sandbox, log in to that team by providing the team domain name and clicking Continue to provide your credentials (Option #1 in the image below). Once you are logged in, continue on to Step 11 in this tutorial.

If you do not have a Slack account or a team that can be used as a sandbox environment, click Create a new team in the top toolbar (Option #2 in the image below) and follow along with the next step in this tutorial.

slack sign in page
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Step 3: Create a new team in Slack

Enter your email address and click the Next. Make sure to indicate whether or not you would like to receive emails from Slack.

slack email address
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Step 4: Confirm your email

The email address you provided in the previous step should receive an email from Slack with a confirmation code. Enter that code on this screen.

slack confirmation code

If the code is correct, you will be able to continue on to the next page.

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Step 5: Enter your user details

Enter your first and last name.

Slack will pre-populate a suggested username. Feel free to change it if you want. If you already have a Slack username and want to keep that name, enter that username now.

Enter user info for Slack

Once your user details are finalized, click Continue to Password.

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Step 6: Enter a password

Select a password for your user on this Slack team. You can use different passwords for each Slack team you create.

slack confirmation code

Click Continue to Team Info once you set your password.

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Step 7: Enter team details

Slack requests some information about the team you are creating. Enter your team information.

If this is purely a sandbox environment, you could enter the following details:

What will your team use Slack for? : Other

Could you elaborate? : Sandbox

This question will not always appear depending on the team use selected. If it does appear, enter the relevant information Slack is requesting.

How big is the group you’ll use Slack with? : 1-9 people

Enter Slack Team details

Click Continue to Group Name.

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Step 8: Select the group name

Enter the name of your group. For example, you could call it My Sandbox or Company Development Group.

Select a Group Name for your Slack Team

Click Continue to Team Domain once you set your group name.

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Step 9: Select a team domain name

Based on the Group Name you entered in the previous step, Slack will provided a suggested domain name and let you know if it is available. If it is not available, make sure to change the name to something that is available. If you do not like the name Slack provides, update it now.

Select a Domain Name for your Slack Team

Click Create Team once you set your team domain name.

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Step 10: Create your team

On the Send Invitations team, click Skip For Now.

Skip sending invitations
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Step 11: Explore your team

Once you successfully create or login to your team, the Slack homepage for that team will display. If you are not familiar with Slack, take some time to explore the available Channels and Direct Chat options that are available to learn more about messaging in Slack.

Slack team homepage
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Step 12: Generate a test token

In order to authenticate your user in your SAPUI5 app, Slack uses OAuth 2.0. In a later tutorial, the authorization handshake for OAuth in SAPUI5 will be covered. For this tutorial series, you will generate a test token to be used.

To generate a test token for your team, go to the Slack Tokens for Testing and Development page.

Select Create token for you user on your development team. This will generate a value for the Token field.

Slack team homepage
Copy and paste the URL of the Slack Token Website into the text box below.

Next Steps

Updated 05/17/2018

Time to Complete

15 Min.




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