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Setup your SAP HANA MDC instance


Learn how to setup your SAP HANA MDC instance on the SAP Cloud Platform as a "Database As A Service" (DBaaS) persistence layer.


This instance will be used as your persistence service that you can use with your application or services.

As each HANA MDC instance comes only with a System Account called SYSTEM, which shall be used only to execute “System” related activities, you will need to add a new user account depending on your tutorial track.

  • How to setup a SAP HANA MDC (Multi-Database Container) instance on the SAP Cloud Platform.
Step 1: Access your SAP Cloud Platform account

Log into the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit with your free trial account on the Europe (Rot) - Trial landscape and access Your Personal Developer Account.

Click on the link as highlighted on the below screenshot. By default, it ends with trial in fact is your account display name and can be changed using the pen icon).

SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

You are now in your SAP Cloud Platform developer account!

Your Personal Developer Account
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Step 2: Create your HANA MDC instance

On the left side menu bar, you can navigate to SAP HANA / SAP ASE > Databases & Schemas.

Databases & Schemas

Click on New.

Complete the form following details information:

Field Name Value
Database ID mdc
Database System Pick HANA MDC (< trial >) from the drop down
System User Password Welcome18Welcome18


You can choose other values for theses properties. However, the validation steps implemented in the tutorials will be based on the Database ID being mdc. So you will have to adjust your entries to validate your progress.

Also, the default SAP HANA password policy was reinforced recently and now requires a 15 characters password that includes a digit.


New Database System

Click on Save

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Step 3: Wait for the creation to finish

It will take about 5 to 10 minutes for the creation process to complete. So, now is a good time to get a coffee refill!

The refresh icon refresh will spin every time the page content is refreshed.

Database Events

The page should refresh by itself, but you can hit F5 if you are impatient like me.

Once you see the Tenant DB creation finished successfully (created and configured) event appears in the list, you can proceed with the next steps.

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Step 4: Restart the database

Now that we have our HANA MDC instance, we will simply restart it to clear out all the caches and free all resources that were allocated during the creation process.

Trial Database Overview

Click on Stop.

This page won’t refresh automatically, so we will need to switch to the Events page.

On the left side menu, switch to Events.

Once you see the Database stopped successfully event appears in the list, switch back to Overview and click on Start.


If you don’t see your HANA MDC stopping right away in the Events log, it is probably because the initial backup is still pending.

The initial backup may take up to an hour to execute, and your HANA MDC will not restart until it is completed.

Therefore you can proceed with the next steps. However, at some point, the backup will complete, and your instance will be shutdown, therefore you will need to start it.


Switch again to Events.

Once you see the Database started successfully event appears in the list, you can proceed with the next steps.

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Step 5: Finalize the System user account setup

When the SAP HANA MDC tenant is created, the System account is not yet finalized with the system roles and privileges.

Theses system roles and privileges are added on the first connection.

Therefore, we will need to connect to the SAP HANA Cockpit at least once using the HANA System User in order to finalize the system account setup and add all the necessary roles.


For your information: any SAP HANA MDC trial instances are shut down every 12 hours and in case a trial instance is not restarted in the next 14 days, it will be deleted.

Trial Database Overview

Click on SAP HANA Cockpit.

You will be prompted to login.

Enter SYSTEM as user name and the HANA System Account password that was provided during the instance creation as password (Welcome18Welcome18).

Click on Log On.

SAP HANA Cockpit Login

You will receive an information message stating that your HANA System Account is not authorized to access the SAP HANA Cockpit.


Click on OK then click on Continue.

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Step 6: Extend the SYSTEM user

You are now in the SAP HANA Cockpit.

SAP HANA Cockpit

In order to allow the SYSTEM user to run SQL statements, you will need to grant the “IDE Developer” role.

Click on Manage Roles and Users. This will open the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench Security perspective.

Under Security, expand Users, then double click on SYSTEM.

Select the Granted Roles tab, then click on the plus icon, then add the following role:

  • sap.hana.ide.roles::Developer

Click on the save button in the top menu bar

SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench

Now, look at the granted roles for the HANA System Account, provide an answer to the question below then click on Validate.

Which of the following roles did you add to the system user to finalize the instance creation?

Updated 01/11/2018

Time to Complete

15 minutes



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