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SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering


Official SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering tutorials and resources


Dynamic tiering is a native data tiering solution available in the SAP HANA platform that provides 'hot' and 'warm' data management in a single physical database and even within a single partitioned table. Here we provide official resources to learn about this feature.


New to SAP HANA dynamic tiering?

SAP HANA dynamic tiering is a technology enabler for application driven data aging that allows you to utilize lower cost disk storage for historical data within a single SAP HANA database, or even a single multistore table.

Multistore tables

A multistore table is a SAP HANA partitioned column table with some partitions residing in memory, and some on disk. By managing tiered data in a single physical table, multistore tables simplify the development of SAP HANA applications by eliminating the need to code against separate tables for hot data versus warm data.

Integrated system administration

SAP HANA dynamic tiering participates in SAP HANA backup and recovery, high availability and system replication. Tight integration of the SAP HANA platform simplifies the design and implementation of standard system administration tasks of SAP HANA systems using SAP HANA dynamic tiering compared to using an external data storage option such as Hadoop.

Data lifecycle management

Rule based data lifecycle management is assisted by the DLM tool within the SAP HANA data warehousing foundation. Developers can use the DLM tool to configured automated movement of aged data from in-memory column store table-to-disk based extended tables.

Under the hood: SAP HANA dynamic tiering

SAP HANA dynamic tiering provides an integrated disk-based columnar data store as part of an SAP HANA system. Developers can use SAP HANA dynamic tiering to implement a tiered data management system entirely within the SAP HANA platform, without requiring the costly implementation, integration or management of an external data warehouse or data lake.

Summary matrix

Feature Details
Highly scalable
Proven disk-based columnar store can scale up to handle 100TB of warm data.
Flexible deployment

SAP HANA dynamic tiering does not require SAP HANA certified hardware, enabling the use of lower cost commodity hardware. SAP HANA dynamic tiering also supports co-deployment with SAP HANA on a single host system.

High availability
SAP HANA dynamic tiering participates in the SAP HANA high availability architecture supporting the configuration of an active extended_storage_worker node and an extended_storage_standby node.
Backup & recovery
Support for full, differential and incremental backups for point in time recovery. Integrated into the BACKINT API to enable 3rd party tools.
System replication
Supports synchronous 2-tier system replication.
Integrated security
All connections are made through a SAP HANA worker node, ensuring that the same security model is applied to both the SAP HANA memory store and the SAP HANA dynamic tiering store.
High speed data loading
Data being loaded directly to tables or partitions in extended storage can be bulk loaded at speeds that match loading into SAP HANA in-memory storage.
Cross store query optimizer
SAP HANA optimizes queries across the in-memory and dynamic tiering engines delegating execution to the appropriate component. Both SQL and Calculation views are supported.  
Management via SAP HANA Cockpit
The dynamic tiering process is managed from the SAP HANA Cockpit
Common modelling tools
Multistore and extended tables are created and queried using common HANA modelling tools including SAP HANA studio and SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

Try it now

SAP HANA dynamic tiering is included in the SAP HANA Developer Edition in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

SAP HANA Developer Edition – AWS

Create your developer edition environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The instance offers 8 cores, 32 or 64 GB RAM and 127 GB disk.

Use the price calculator to determine the cost of running your SAP HANA developer instance in the cloud.

SAP HANA Developer Edition – Azure

Create your developer edition environment on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The instance offers 8 cores and 64 GB of RAM.

Use the price calculator to determine the cost of running your SAP HANA developer instance in the cloud.

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