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SAP Trust Center
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Data Center Locations

A data center is the nerve center of a company. Find out why data centers are necessary, what they contain, and how they are operated.

Take a virtual 360° tour of an SAP data center

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Explore the inside of an SAP data center to learn about its infrastructure, emergency procedures, and data security measurements – and try 3D glasses for an even better view..

How we secure our data centers

In our data centers, we ensure the safety and accessibility of your data 24/7 based on the highest standards of the industry with the latest technology.

Interview with our data center expert

Watch Heike Ried, Head of SAP Customer Interaction Center, explaining how ironclad secure SAP´s data centers are.

How we run our data centers

Understand how our data centers are designed and managed to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data 24 hours a day throughout the year.
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Zero emissions

Energy efficiency and procurement of green electricity enabled SAP to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in our data centers globally. Annual reviews have confirmed that SAP data centers are not only better than other comparable data centers, but continue to improve.

Secure operations

Protecting our data centers is of the utmost importance at SAP. At regular intervals, both outside organizations and SAP check whether the technology and infrastructure are operating smoothly. Get an overview of the most important checks.

Certified security

To protect your data and assets, and our own, quality seals and certificates validate that a given data center complies with all necessary security precautions. SAP ensures that the same or equivalent certificates are valid at every data center running cloud solutions.

Image of a world map of SAP data centers

Diverse options

Whether you choose to operate your own data center, run applicationss on external servers, or lease applications, the increasing diversity of cloud services can be over-whelming. Trust a provider with data center operations as a core area of expertise.

Image of hardware used in a data center

Optimized value

Improved hardware use, simplified interfaces, and uninterrupted operations help data centers run efficiently. Depending on the cloud solution, technologies such as virtualization, multi-tenancy, and adaptive computing play a critical role in providing high-quality cloud services.

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