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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Serves 550,000 people from disadvantaged communities

There are 8.6 million people living below the poverty line in France who can’t afford basic necessities like hygiene products, clothing, and school supplies, yet 630 million euros of non-food goods are destroyed each year. 

Dons Solidaires

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Line of Business
Commerce, Finance, Sales, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Number of Employees
9 full time employees and 35 volunteers who regularly give 1 or 2 days a week of their time

Public Sector

Visionary Themes

Corporate Social Responsibility

 In 2004, Dons Solidaires was created to ensure that these every day goods reach people in need, rather than going to waste.

Partnering with charities and donor companies, Dons Solidaires developed a catalog system where charities could order the goods their beneficiaries needed. Through financial and technical support from SAP, Dons Solidaires was able to automate their catalog and inventory system and bring it online, freeing up volunteer time and valuable resources to help Dons Solidaires Run Simple.

Customer Snapshot: History

Mobilizing to Help People in Need


How it all began

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Sustainable Development

In 2015, Dons Solidaires had over 320 member charities throughout France. These charities do an outstanding job every day helping people in material or moral difficulty. Dons Solidaires provided assistance to 580,000 people in need during 2015.
The business model is based on an environmentally-friendly solution for excess non-food goods, encouraging manufacturers and distributors to donate rather than destroy products that no longer have a commercial value. By distributing these goods to people in need via a network of charities, Dons Solidaires creates a positive social impact and reduces waste.

A foundation of positivity

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Dons Solidaires company Strategy for Success: 


Identify the needs of charitable organizations and their beneficiaries

Redistribute product donations to these charities and thus help their beneficiaries

Collect product donation from manufacturers and distributors (non-food, seasonal, discontinued items, ect.)

Help France's charitable network succeed

Manage a logistics chain to provide an efficient service to both business and charity partners


A digital advancement

The Challenge

Automating Catalog Updates to Optimize Resources

Before the e-catalog launch, Dons Solidaires e-mailed product listings to its charity members every six weeks. Within two days, the catalog was obsolete as charities placed their orders. There was no way to update the listing in real-time to reflect stock availability. The charities ended up ordering items that were no longer available. Dons Solidaires volunteers then had to call charities to propose substitute items in their orders. With only nine employees and 35 volunteers, that was time that Dons Solidaires simply couldn’t afford.

In the year 2015:


100 donor companies worked with Dons Solidaires

25 million euros worth of non-food products collected and redistributed to 320 member charities 

Products are redistributed to 320 member charities all over France helping up to 580,000 people from disadvantaged communities


Enter SAP

A Strong Long-Term Relationship

SAP has been providing financial and technological support to Dons Solidaires since 2010, funding the distribution of school supplies and Christmas gifts, mobilizing staff, covering logistics costs, donating SAP Business One licenses along with expertise and advice, working closely with Dons Solidaires to launch an e-catalog system, and most recently, supporting Dons Solidaires’ emergency campaign to respond to the refugee crisis.


Choosing SAP Business One


Improving all systems

Better Business

Identifying Needs to Put First Things First

SAP provided a technology grant of SAP Business One licenses and worked with the organization to improve logistics processes and optimize their resource management. With SAP’s guidance and support, Dons Solidaires examined the companywide processes to identify their primary needs and next steps. It became clear early on that with a small team and increasing needs of Dons Solidaires member charities, reducing administration time and creating a self-service ordering and registration system were top priorities.

Better Business: Benefits

Helping More People Than Ever: Targeting 1 Million People in Need by 2018

Real-time stock has enabled Dons Solidaires to grow today and in the future. And as a result, the social benefits have increased. More goods are delivered to more charities – on average, two to four weeks faster than before. Charities’ satisfaction increased as well as the motivation of Dons Solidaires’ team. They have been relieved of the burden of admin overhead and can now focus their efforts on getting more products to more charities.


The most significant benefit

Better Business: Run Simple

Same Budget, 3X the Benefit

Two years ago, Dons Solidaires was distributing 1/3 of the amount of goods that they are distributing today. Using the same budget today as they did two years ago, Dons Solidaires can now Run Simple, doing 3X the amount of work with only nine employees and 35 volunteers.


Running directly

Journey Ahead

Empowering Volunteers to Help Even More

In 2016, Dons Solidaires would like to obtain more licenses so that volunteers can also start to use SAP Business One more regularly, reducing load time on staff and enabling Dons Solidaires to serve even more people in need.


An exciting adventure ahead

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