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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Up to 100 new employees each week

In just 2 ½ years, SHORE Solutions has grown from a 200-person outsourcing company to a 2,000-person organization. As the company’s client-base expanded exponentially, so did their need for English-speaking educated, entrepreneurial-minded professionals who could hit the ground running with new assignments.  

In accordance to the company’s directive, they needed to keep costs down and pass the savings along to their customers. SAP was there to help hire, train, and reassign multi-skilled employees quickly and efficiently and keep their young, tech-savvy and social employees engaged and connected for greater productivity and less turnover.

SHORE Solutions Inc.

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Customer Snapshot: History

An Outsourcing Leader Grows Up to Lead the Pack

SHORE became a part of Acquire BPO in November 2014 after a 100% acquisition. The combined entities now provide a full suite of outsourcing operations for major corporations across Asia, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, with approximately 7,000 employees across 12 locations. SHORE is expanding rapidly with a target to reach 10,000 within five years.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

The Focus is on the Client

SHORE Solutions was established in 2005 as a consulting business for companies wanting to offshore components of their organizations. Building on their core skill of contact center management, they started offering voice and BPO services in 2010.
SHORE is a provider of outsourcing services with a difference, recognized as being highly client-focused and operationally excellent. They serve global clients with requirements for Contact Center (e.g. inbound and outbound), BPO (e.g. back office support, HCM, KPO), IT and Professional Services (e.g. application and web development, search engine optimization, staff augmentation, ERP and cloud-based solutions).

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Offering a Widening Range of Outsourcing Solutions to Meet Clients’ Needs

The SHORE vision is to become the foremost global provider of tailored outsourcing solutions distinguished by a high-touch, high-focus approach and a growing list of clients.
They deliver their services through a flexible range of outsourcing models – from comprehensive solutions that incorporate operations management and quality assurance; to co-sourcing solutions that enable clients to control day-to-day activities; and straightforward facilities outsourcing. Clients benefit from fully customizable models backed by their solid suite of shared support services including facilities management, recruitment, HR, finance and IT support.

The Challenge

Attracting and Retaining Qualified Personnel is Key for a Service-Oriented Company

SHORE Solutions is at an exciting time in the company’s history. It’s growing rapidly and partnering with new companies to provide an expanding array of services. Fortunately, it’s also an exciting time for technological solutions that can enable a company to grow rapidly. SHORE Solutions’ employees are young, tech-savvy, smart, social and mobile, and the company was looking to incorporate a new system that would capitalize on these strengths and interests to attract and keep talented personnel.

As a leading BPO provider, SHORE faces its usual share of challenges in the employee lifecycle including recruitment, integrity of employee information, performance management and employee engagement. — SHORE Chief Executive Darcy Lalonde

Enter SAP

Transforming the Process with a Run Simple Approach

SAP SuccessFactors has given SHORE Solutions a new lease on their HR strategies. Finding and retaining talent, once a pain point for the organization, is now more streamlined. They have been able to eliminate redundant processes and make their hiring, onboarding, reassigning and training processes more efficient. It now takes only 2 weeks to train employees and start generating revenue, which is a big win for the company’s bottom line.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Reaching Out To Employees, SHORE Solutions Hits the Mark with SAP Jam

The scalability of SuccessFactors has been of paramount importance to the SHORE team as they discover more features and functionalities of the solutions offered by SAP products.

Better Business: Benefits

Saving Time & Money as well as the Human Side of HR

The cost-effective, time-saving aspect of implementation has been significant, but so has the human side of the equation. With a new system in place, it’s easier to place, onboard and reassign employees. Redundancies have been eliminated as well, helping the entire company Run Simple with SAP.

Employee Engagement Up 30%

We’re in the people business. SuccessFactors helps us increase the number of people we have generating revenue, accelerate our time to productivity for new hires, and measure the incremental profitability created by each additional employee. — Darcy Lalonde, CEO, SHORE Solutions Inc.

Better Business: Run Simple


Employee Engagement Is Up

SHORE Solutions has discovered that retaining employees can be as simple as helping them connect with each other and feel more connected to the company. Through the implementation of SuccessFactors and the SAP® Jam™ social software platform, more employees are engaging with the internal campaigns and utilizing the company’s resources than ever before.

Engaging web-savvy social employees to improve retention and community involvement.

Journey Ahead

Building an Even Bigger Future

SHORE Solutions has expansion in their sights. With SAP, they’re ready to build up their workforce and their client base simply, efficiently and effectively.

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