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Simplifying Life and Improving Productivity for Students and Faculty with SAP Fiori

With the mission of fostering graduates that are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, and well-rounded learners, TED University in Ankara, Turkey, uses innovative technology and curricula to support the proper depth-to-breadth balance required by global knowledge economies. So when it found that students and faculty were spending too much time completing administrative tasks linked to its SAPsoftware systems, it decided to go mobile with SAP Fiori apps.


Deploying more than 20 apps in less than four months, students and faculty members now have access to academic and administrative services from any mobile device with a responsive, user-centric, and simple interface. The result is greater productivity, higher user adoption, and a better user experience – which means more time to focus on academic excellence and making the world a better place.

TED Üniversitesi (TED University)
Ankara, Turkey
Higher education and research
Products and Services
Graduate and undergraduate degrees in a variety of majors; high-end research in selected niche areas


  • Provide an integrated information system and a positive user experience (UX) for students and faculty
  • Use open Web standards to meet the business demand for SAPapplications to run on any device or browser
  • Simplify the UX to increase productivity and user adoption
  • Reduce training time for SAP applications

Why SAP?

  • SAP customer since 2012, running the SAP ERP and SAP Student Lifecycle Management applications and the SAP Enterprise Portal component
  • SAP Fiori UX and apps to improve usability through a simple, user-friendly interface that can be used across devices


  • Implemented over 20 apps in under four months, including enhancements to standard SAP Fiori apps and custom apps like online fee payment, student document request, class roster, and more
  • Enabled comprehensive extensibility through SAPUI5 and SAP Gateway technology


  • Provided students and faculty access to academic and administrative tasks through any mobile device with the full support of modern browsers
  • Simplified the UX, resulting in increased productivity, user adoption, and satisfaction
  • Reduced training requirements

<4 months

To deploy over 20 apps


Students who Run Simple on SAP Fiori


Technology that lets students and faculty complete academic and administrative tasks through any device


Information access with simplified and user-centric interfaces
People were spending too much time completing academic and administrative tasks and were limited to using their desktops. With SAP Fiori apps, students and faculty can complete these tasks quickly and easily from any mobile device. SAP supports TED University’s mission of excellence by providing the best IT experience possible. Umut Rodoplu, Director of Information Technologies, TED University

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