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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Goal: sell 250,000 MORE vehicles by 2017


Safe, efficient and fun, the motorized scooter is already considered a vehicle of the future. The Piaggio Group own of some of the most envied brands in the world including Vespa, Moto Guzzi, and Aprilla. While their main goal is to help people get from point A to point B safely and comfortably, they are also looking to expand beyond their commute, connecting owners even more closely with their vehicles and the brand.

The Piaggio Group

Customer Website

Line of Business
Marketing, Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP HANA, SAP Hybris Marketing , SAP Lumira

Milan, Italy

Number of Employees
> 8,000


Visionary Themes
Run Live, Run Simple


They’re looking to implement technology that touches on all points of the owner/vehicle relationship, with options like vehicle customization, and interaction like helping the owner remember where they parked or reminding the owner if it needs servicing. They looked to SAP as a partner to help them decipher the many ways in which customers use and enjoy their vehicles.

Customer Snapshot: History

Safety Is Just the Beginning

Piaggio is the leader in Europe and one of the four world leaders in the scooter market. Founded in 1884, the name Piaggio is synonymous with freedom in daily life. Piaggio offer a complete range of original, intelligent and creative solutions for urban mobility which appeal to the modern individual who is open to change.


Vespa means wasp in Italian

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

The Mark of a Great Brand

The Piaggio Group is the largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles and one of the world leaders in its sector. The Group is also a major international player on the commercial vehicle market.

In a CNN survey Vespa ranked 1 of the 12 best designs of the century.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Customized Solutions for Each Target Market

The Piaggio Group aims to create value by adopting a strategy which consolidates its leadership position on the European two-wheeler market and on the Indian light commercial vehicles market. This strategy also increases its presence in international markets, with particular reference to the Asian area—and increases the operating efficiency of all company processes, with a focus on industrial productivity.

The Challenge

Making Products Safer, More Fun and More Accessible through Big Data

Transforming business by delivering more personalized customer experiences is The Piaggio Group’s main focus. Their goals are to make owning a vehicle more fun, connected, and safe, to expand its customer base all while simplifying business operations and future product development. They are looking to accomplish them through a Run Simple approach, relying on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. From what people buy and what makes them buy to where they go and what they need, Piaggio wants to collect all of those data points to attract new customers and maintain strong customer loyalty.


My long-term vision with SAP is a partner which is able to anticipate what will be important for a company like Piaggio. And then implement and make it reliable across the world.— Gabriele Galli, General Manager Finance, Piaggio Group

Enter SAP


Visionary Ideas Called for a Future-Thinking Partner

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Coming Soon: A Vehicle for the 21st Century

Real-time data won’t just help customers customize their vehicle – or find it in a stadium parking lot. 


Through their partnership with SAP, Piaggio’s entire business is being digitally transformed with access to real-time data from both vehicles and consumers. A sci-fi vision of the future is on its way as SAP places special focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), leveraging a number of innovative technologies including the SAP HANA® platform, SAP® Predictive Analytics software, SAP Mobile Platform, and the SAP hybris® Marketing solution.

Better Business


The Consumer / Vehicle Relationship Made More Personal

Big Data will help Piaggio get to know their customers on an individual level, helping them customize vehicles and services to serve them better.

Better Business: Benefits


More Ways to Stand Out From the Competition

Better Business: Run Simple


Focus on Customers Builds Stronger Relationships

Journey Ahead

Big Data Delivers Smarter Product Design

Moving forward, Piaggio is looking at ways to maximize the use of all of the data they’re collecting from smarter scooters’ on-board technologies. The future is looking safer, for one thing, and it’ll be a lot easier to enjoy the ride!

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