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SAP Next-Gen

SAP Next-Gen is a community for youth all over the world who are passionate about innovation and technology and want to shape the intelligent enterprise as future decision-makers.

SAP Young Thinkers community members

The SAP Young Thinkers Community lives a real community approach with a diverse network of great SAP Young Thinkers ambassadors around the globe and marvelous community members who co-develop curriculum, deliver workshops and Train-the-Trainers or join us to celebrate learning during Learning Festivals.

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)

The Children of Armenia Fund provides resources to children and adults with COAF SMART initiatives to advance rural communities through innovation.

Education Center
DSAG Academy

DSAG Academy supports DSAG member companies in building and developing a workforce with a future-oriented skill and mindset beyond SAP-specific expertise.

Dieter von Holzbrink Stiftung

The initiative "Learn to understand business" has set itself the goal of supporting and encouraging young people on their way to becoming responsible citizens.

Education Center
ERPsim Lab

The ERPsim Lab develops innovative teaching solutions by transforming business software into dynamic learning platforms. ERPsim enables students to understand ERP concepts by participating in a real-time simulation in which they run a business by leveraging the capabilities of S/4HANA.

Education Center

experimenta, Germany's largest science centre, amazes visitors with an extraordinary variety of offerings and is an exceptional symbol of the joy of experimentation, of knowledge and innovation.

Company MINT Initiative
Genius (Daimler)

Genius awakens enthusiasm for science and technology in children and adolescents. Teachers of all types of schools have access to the latest practical vehicle technology knowledge through Genius teaching materials and further training.

Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)

GI is the largest professional society for computer science in German-speaking countries and has been representing the interests of computer scientists in science, business, public administration, society and politics since 1969.

Hopp Foundation

The Hopp Foundation for Computer Knowledge and Computer Science gGmbH helps Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region adolescents interested in understanding the digital world and its future-oriented language.

Education Center

KinderMBA develops business and entrepreneurial skills, leadership potential, and innovative thinking programmes for children in grades 1–11. They help students determine their future profession and gain the necessary knowledge in the field of economics and finance.


MINT-EC is the national excellence network of schools with an upper secondary level and an excellent mathematical, scientific, and technical school profile. 

natec Landesverband

nantec is where technology schools, school laboratories, youth centres, clubs, science centres, museums, and a wide variety of networks come together to pass on the fascination of technology and science to children and young people. 

Education Center
Orlyonok - Russian Children's Centre

Orljonok is the key educational centre in Russia that has always been open to children at the ages 11 to 15. Every summer 3,500 children can stay in Orljonok for 21 days.

Education Center

ProgKids teaches children how to program via a special online platform that allows kids to learn while playing in the Minecraft world.

Education Center
SAP ERP4School

A project from teachers for teachers, pupils and students, SAP4School erp4school is a plattform to advance digitalisation through the use of ERP systems.

Education Center
Science on Stage

Science on Stage Europe is a network for STEM teachers focusing on the exchange of best practice teaching ideas. 

Go Digital Night Partner | Art Gallery
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

The Stuttgart State Gallery, with its rich inventory of masterpieces from the 14th century to the present, is one of the most popular museums in Germany. The museum complex and its collection reflect the connection between tradition and modernity.

Education Center

The TECHNOSEUM is one of the largest technology museums in Germany. The exhibition shows 200 years of technology and social history. It offers experimental stations on science and technology and combines information with experience. 


With the Wissensfabrik and its partners, educational institutions can establish and expand links with the economy. Students get introduced to professions and get to know companies from the inside. 

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